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Healthy, nutritious, Soups to Go

Published:Thursday | November 26, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
F.A.B Photography Photo Soups To Go's tasty garden salad topped with cashew nuts.
F.A.B Photography Photo Cream of potatoes with ham and cheese a delectable choice served with a roll.
F.A.B. Photography Photo This is an appetizing vegetarian option - sweet potatoes and corn chowder.
F.A.B. Photography Photo The woman behind Soups To Go Kiffra Solomon holding delicious chicken noodle soup.
F.A.B Photography Photo Soups To Go's delicious ham and cheese sandwich to accompany your soup if you so desire.
F.A.B. Photography Photo Soups To Go's chicken noodle soup that will keep you coming back for more.

Kiffra Solomon started to have seizures after completing two major surgeries and no real answers from natural health physician, Dr Danovan Whyte. He later introduced her to the raw food and vegan lifestyle. Switching wasn't hard, finding restaurants that catered to her new diet was, and it was then that it struck her like lightning - start a soup takeout - thus the birth of Soups to Go.

Soups to Go was officially started in July 2015 after much prayer. Being a woman of God, it was important she solicited Him first and foremost. After that, it was time to start making soup. There is something about cooking that takes Solomon back to her childhood when she would experiment in the kitchen.


"I love it. It just makes me remember when I would experiment in the kitchen with Mom and she would quarrel that I was wasting her stuff, but now I can experiment," she admitted.

This she sure has, with soups such as the ham and cheese, tomato soup with pasta and meatballs, cream of mushrooms and sweet potato, and corn chowder. For traditional soup lovers, she does make a delicious chicken noodle soup, and Jamaican's favourite peas soup, which she also admits is always on demand.

"I change up the menu each week but one thing that I cannot change is the peas soup on a Friday," she noted.

While she makes the soups with ground provision and dumplings so that it can be a complete meal, she still offers a roll with each soup. Customers are also offered the option of adding a garden salad or a sandwich to accompany their soup.

Soups to Go is currently a lunch-delivery service where orders shouuld be made by

9 a.m., since everything is done to order.


"I believe in freshness and on-time delivery. I am by no means going to serve something prepared from the day before, and I want my customers to get their meals hot," Solomon admitted.

Meals are prepared on Tuesdays through to Fridays and closed on Mondays. While she gets a few requests on Mondays the demand isn't high enough to conduct business.

In the near future, she is hoping to expand and relocate to a venue where walk-ins can be accommodated but she will not move from her roots.

"My vision is that in the next five years, Soups to Go will evolve into a national brand. Regardless of what that entails, the current mainstay of our business will remain - we will still be preparing healthy, delicious soups, and delivering them to our customers, in the comfort of their home or office, at prices which suit their budgets," she mentioned.

To get a mouth-watering soup option contact:

Soups to Go

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