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Market List

Published:Thursday | December 17, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Cooking tomatoes


Eggs are on fair offer at this time in most groceries and supermarkets. Rural retail markets will offer it at $350 per dozen, while supermarkets or groceries will offer it at prices ranging between $350 and $380 per dozen.


The asking price per pound for this vegetable in May Pen and Spanish Town market ranges between $150 and $180.


This exotic spice will go for $140 to $150 per pound in May Pen and Spanish Town markets and $150 at Montego Bay's Charles Gordon Market.


The cheaper white-topped variety will cost $100 per pound while the red-topped will go for $180 per pound.

Cooking tomatoes

Cooking tomatoes are neither plentiful nor cheap at this time. May Pen and Spanish Town are asking $200 per pound, and for the salad tomatoes you will be asked to pay $300 per pound.

Sweet potatoes

The per pound price for the tuber will range between $120 and $130.