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Get in the 'spirit' of the season

Published:Thursday | December 24, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Appleton Special Swinger
Appleton Estate X-hale
Appleton Special Gold Rush
Appleton Estate EPIC
Appleton Specialist

The yummy Christmas cakes should have already been baked, and the ham ready for dressing, but what about the libations?

While not everyone will be a whiz in the kitchen, we are here to help you put some of the yummiest cocktails together.

Our friends at J. Wray & Nephew showed us how to do so responsibly at their sleek and ultra-modern lifestyle outfit, @twentythree, located on Dominica Drive in New Kingston.

Now you can get your party started but do so responsibly. Merry Christmas!

The Appleton Special Gold Rush and the Swinger are two exciting new cocktail options for lovers of Appleton Special and a classic cola soda. Be sure to try one part Appleton Special, with either two parts ginger ale or grapefruit soda.

The Gold Rush

1 part Appleton Special

2 parts ginger ale

Mix together and serve over ice.

The Specialist

1 part Appleton Special

2 parts cola

Mix together and serve over ice.

The Swinger

1 part Appleton Special

2 parts grapefruit soda

Mix together and serve over ice.

Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum

The Appleton Estate Reserve Epic has transcended from being a carnival-season favourite to now an all-year-round go-to cocktail. The coconut grove-themed Appleton Estate Utopia, which will be held on Boxing Day at the Kingston Polo Club, provides a great opportunity to get acquainted with the EPIC.

EPIC Cocktail:


2oz Appleton Estate Reserve

2-4oz coconut water

Combine Appleton Estate Reserve and fresh coconut water in a highball glass, then add 2-3 ice cubes, stir, insert straw and enjoy.

Appleton Estate V/X Signature X-Ale:

1oz Appleton Estate VX

2oz ginger ale

Wedge of lime

Spring of mint

Place 2-3 ice cubes in highball glass. Squeeze lime and drop into glass. Add Appleton Estate V/X and top up with Ginger Ale. Garnish with mint and serve.