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Enjoy the creamy goodness of Lasco's Ice Dream

Published:Thursday | January 28, 2016 | 12:00 AMTena Harrison
The creamy complete, ready to eat chocolate Lasco Ice Dream.
A rather anxious Tena Harrison ahead of making the chocolate-flavoured Lasco Ice Dream.
The expression on Tena Harrison’s face says it all.

The ice cream gods have answered our prayers. Now, thanks to Lasco's new, innovative, quick and easy-to-prepare Ice Dream Frozen-dessert mix, even a child can make their own deliciously-creamy ice cream in four simple steps right in the kitchen.

No fancy equipment or a bunch of ingredients needed. Just add iced water to your powered packet mix, mix/blend for a minute or two, set it and forget it ... well, until you're ready to eat it, of course. And that can be in as little as four hours.

Just like that. Creamy, velvety ready to eat ice cream that actually rivals any of the ice products now on the market.

Quick and easy do it yourself. ice cream, now isn't that appealing.

When I first heard about Lasco's new Ice Dream product, I immediately wanted to try it and was given the opportunity to do so. I practically ran home, packet in hand ready to experiment.

As a culinary major at the University of Technology and a foodie that is known to have an appetite that surpasses my stature, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to be one of the first to sample and review Ice Dream. Plus, with a name like that, good things are bound to happen.

I read the instructions on the packet and gathered all the items needed, which was very little - a measuring cup, cold water, a packet of Ice Dream (I used chocolate) and a blender (an electric mixer could also be used).

The instructions were simple:

1. In a plastic bowl add 6.8 fl. oz. (200mL) of cold water.

2. Add entire sachet (130g) of powder.

3. Mix using hand mixer on high speed for two minutes or in a blender on medium speed for one minute.

4. Freeze for minimum four hours.

After waiting patiently until my ice cream dessert was ready, it was time for the big reveal.

To my surprise, the finished product exceeded my expectations and shattered any doubts I had about it.

I mean, come on, ice cream is one of those food items that has simple yet complex ingredients that play a part in the success of the final product. Lasco, however, has managed to simplify the feat of ice-cream making in just four steps. And, more important, result in one of the creamiest, tastiest products ever.

Again, I really was quite surprised and impressed when I tasted it. It was really good.

The directions were accurate and the mixture came out perfectly. It was velvety smooth and creamy. It had a very prominent chocolate flavour any chocolate fanatic would appreciate.

Lasco Ice Dream is currently available in two flavours - chocolate and vanilla. If you ask me, they make the perfect base for a myriad of other flavours you can create right in your kitchen, limited only by one's imagination.

I could go on and on about the numerous combinations that can be created from just these two flavours but for now, I'll just mention a few that might appeal to the foodie in you.

From the vanilla flavour:

- Cookies and Cream: Crumble your favourite cookies into the finished product.

- Stout Ice-Cream: Replace the water with same amount of stout and follow the remaining steps.

- Rum and Raisin: Soak about quarter cup of raisins in one-third cup of rum of your choice, drain raisins and add at the end of mixing, just before freezing.

From the chocolate flavour:

- S'mores Ice-Cream: Add mini marshmallows, and gram crackers to the final mixture before it's frozen.

- Chocolate and Coffee Ice-Cream: Cut the amount of water in half and add half water, half brewed then chilled coffee and blend/mix.

- Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream: Add quarter cup of mini chocolate chips to the mixture and incorporate just before freezing and viola!Your custom ice-cream flavours.

So, no more churning by hand or buying expensive machinery that will only be used once in a while. Retailing in the supermarkets for approximately $120 per pack, Lasco Ice Dream Dessert Mix needs nothing but the things you already have at home, bringing convenience right to your kitchen. And is the first of its kind in Jamaica.

Psstt! I heard Lasco Manufacturing Ltd has a few more flavours coming, so the possibilities of creating your own frozen dessert right at home is opening up in a whole new way.