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Market List

Published:Thursday | January 28, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Steaks and other beef products.
Sorrel cocktail
Delicious orange

Beef stew

Beef stew should be easy to come by at this time in both meat shops and delicatessen establishments. The asking price per pound in butcher stalls or meat shops is $280, while supermarkets or delicatessen establishments will ask for $480 per pound.

Cooking tomatoes

Cooking tomatoes are out in their numbers with an asking price of $100 per pound in rural retail markets. In downtown Kingston, the asking price ranges between $30 and $40 per pound.

Yellow yam

At this time, yellow yam is on good offer in retail markets across the island. The current asking prince in rural retail markets is $80 per pound. Cheaper outlets downtown Kingston will ask for as low as $60 per pound.

Green gungo

This is currently on good offer with an asking price of $100 per pound while in the shell.


Sorrel is on good offer at this time with an asking price of $100 per pound in mid-island capitals like May Pen and Spanish Town.


This is on good offer at this time. The current price for the common Parson Brown variety is $150 per dozen while the navel fruit will range between $350 and $400 per dozen.