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Pork Haven

Published:Monday | February 8, 2016 | 4:22 PMJody-Anne Lawrence
Contributed Photo Rebecca Karram receives a spot prize of a Crown Roast from Copperwood Pork's brand manager Tina Hamilton.
Contributed Photo Master ButcherJose Barrante.
Contributed Photo 'The Pork Council' all things pork experts Julio Chaves, chef Angie Mar and Master Butcher Jose Barrante.
Contributed Photo Chef Mark Cole's unique raspberry bacon cheesecake.
Contributed Photo Crispy Pork Belly stuffed with pepperoni and mushrooms by the chef Cole led Pegasus team.
Contributed Photo Chef Mark Coles Pulled Pork Cheesecake.
Contributed Photo Angie Mar's award winning Pigs Blood Velvet Cake.
Contributed Photo Crispy Roast Pork
Contributed Photo Anna Chin of JoJo's Perk Pit with a bite of Chef Angie Mar's Pigs Blood Velvet Cake.
Contributed Photo Angie Mar's Porchetta is tender to the bite.

Copperwood Pork transformed the Talk of the Town at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel into a pork lover's paradise last Wednesday, February 3.

When it comes to pork, Copperwood wanted 'foodies', as well as restaurant owners and caterers, completely educated on everything pork, from the farm to the table. They wanted all stakeholders to know where their pork was coming from and how they were treated before dissecting.

The high point was lunch time, which had guests salivating and making their way back and forth to the buffet line. It was everything pork - everything you could ask for and more. The spread included pineapple barbecued pigtails, which was the perfect blend of savoury and sweet; jerked sausage in tempura batter, which was a little on the spicy side; perfectly prepared tender pork chops; and the crispy herb pork that touched your very soul. Then there were the unusual treats - delectable ham-and-cheese salad and the barbecue pork cheesecake.

Butcher JosÈ Barrantes, who had been in the industry for more than 40 years, got his hands dirty for the guests. With half of a butchered pig and his knife in hand, exquisitely sharpened, he cut through the meat like butter. There was no 'chop chop' and splatter, but a clean glide like an artist with a paintbrush, it was enchanting to watch.

Julio Chaves, external consultant for Latin America at the United States Soybean Export Council, described each of Barrantes extracted pieces. While season two winner of the food network's Chopped, Chef Angie Mar shared with the audience how she would prepare these pieces in exquisite dishes giving some tips on how chefs can get the best for their dishes.

Among answering their questions, she also gave guests a taste of one of her speciality - pig's blood wedding cake. This was something that many though reserved, tried and were pleasantly surprised with the flavour. It was a great ending to a 'porkabulous' day.