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Live on the Poutine Side of Life at Jojo's

Published:Thursday | February 18, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
A look at the poutine page of the menu.
From left: Anthony Bell, Carolyn Chuck and Leighton Kelly dig into the bacon poutine, the ham and pineapple poutine and the jerk pork poutine respectively.
The savoury and sweet ham and pineapple poutine.
Mouth-watering jerked pork poutine.
Jojo's owner Anna Chin (left) shows Anthony Bell the wide variety of poutines on their new menu.

When you think of Jojo's, the first thing that comes to mind may be authentic Jamaican jerk. While that is definitely the case, for owner Anna Chin, diversification is the order of the day, and on their new and improved menu, you can now find a wide array of poutines.

Not sure what poutine is? Well, according to Chin, poutine is a popular Canadian (French Canadian) dish of fries, beef gravy and mozzarella cheese, in place of the traditional cheese curds. "We know it from living in Canada, we experiment with all the exposure we have gained from our culinary experience," she revealed to Food. Think of loaded fries 2.0!

This particular trend is new to the food world, but they have known about it for years. She does however, believe that the Jamaican palate has evolved, and is now more open to new flavours and is now ready to dig right in. "It is the first of it's kind to be in Jamaica, and we are the only restaurant in the island offering it. It is real comfort food and has a nice balance of gooeiness from the cheese and gravy, with crunch from the fries - so the textures can't help but dance on your taste buds." Chin, in true Jojo's fashion, has also added a Jamaican twist so you can still enjoy that great burst of rich flavour.

Currently available for your savoury indulgence are the jerk chicken poutine, the jerk pork poutine, the bacon poutine and the ham and pineapple poutine. So, live on the poutine side of life at Jojo's today.

For more information, you can find Jojo's Jerk Pit and More at 12 Waterloo Road, Kingston.