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The Great food debate: Andrew vs Portia

Published:Thursday | February 25, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Simpson Miller
A juicy pot roast.

In the timeless patty debate, Jamaicans can be more divided than campaigning politicians from opposing political parties. Tastee or Juici? Mother's perhaps?

Those with a preference for the fancier things in life might opt for a more artisanal creation - a Devon House patty might just hit the spot.

Then there's the question of filling. Beef? Chicken? What of the more ostentatious offerings like lobster and shrimp? Soy or callaloo for vegans?

In the great patty debate, there can be no waffling or flip-flopping. A choice is a choice for life - no side-switching allowed. On this matter, leader of the Jamaica Labour Party, Andrew Holness, has declared his hand. It's Juici patties for the man in green. And it appears he's a purist, keeping things simple by sticking to beef.

The opposition leader said this is his go-to fast food whenever he decides to eat out. At home, Holness' favourite meal is beef pot roast. It appears the bespectacled politician harbours a pronounced affinity for beef. He'll hear no protests from us.

When asked about her favourite fast-food option, People's National Party President Portia Simpson Miller was more reticent, saying only that she does not make a habit of eating fast food. A guarded response, perhaps. However, who could argue with the nutritional choices of the sprightly politician? We certainly won't.

At home, Simpson Miller adopts a United Nations-type approach to food. "Anything prepared at home," she said, when asked to name her favourite home-cooked meal. "And the simpler, the better."