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Nutty morsels of Goodness

Published:Thursday | March 3, 2016 | 12:00 AMLifestyle Editor
These nutty morsels are great with anything you choose, anytime you choose.
Spicy cashew brittle is addiction in a jar.
Go nut-crazy with healthy and delicious cashew brittle.
The wide range of brittle by Treat Confectionery Jamaica Limited.
One bite is all it takes.

Over the Christmas holidays, I received the most delightful treat. It was sweet and spicy and totally addictive. A time lapse wasn't needed to display the rapid depletion of the jar's contents. What was this heavenly delight? It was Spicy Cashew Brittle from the one-year-old company Treat Confectionery Jamaica Limited.

The brainchild of Lise-Ann Harris, the company's formation was not part of her life's plan. She had taken time off from banking and finance to have more time with her children. "I wanted to be able to spend more time with my children, but still needed a way to supplement our income that would give me flexible hours."

She told Food that she used to make her delicious brittles as treats for family and friends, but soon began receiving requests from some to purchase.

Today, Treat Confectionery Jamaica is tantalising taste buds with peanut and cashew brittle in both spicy and regular flavours.

Harris told Food, "We stock peanut brittle and spicy cashew brittle regularly, with spicy peanut brittle and cashew brittle being special order."

All ingredients are sourced locally and the products are currently available at Loshusan Supermarket, Pegasus Gift Shop, Things Jamaican, Craft Cottage, The Alchemist Pharmacy, Reggae Mart, and Nature's Indulgence (MoBay airport). The word about the sweet treat also started spreading after they attended the National's Jamaican Made Christmas in December, where persons were able to sample the morsels of delight.

Running her new business, Harris said, requires "plenty of time management ... and sometimes no sleep and sometimes not very well".

Of course, like most 'mothers' she has a favourite "Peanut brittle! I love a fresh peanut. And who doesn't like a little something sweet?" The kaleidoscope of flavours makes the spicy cashew brittle the most popular among customers.

The company emphasises presentation, with attractive jars that allow customers to see exactly what's inside, but so far she has been surprised by the company's success. "Extremely (surprised). The brittle is quite different to the brittle that's currently on the market, and sometimes we (people in general) don't like when someone comes long and changes what we know. So, I'm very pleased that it has been well received."

Try it, we are sure you will enjoy it.


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