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JMMB Covert Ops culinary escapade

Published:Thursday | March 10, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
These mouth-watering tiramisu shots were a hit.
This delectable array of rum ball ruffles.
These strawberry cheesecakes satisfied the cravings of JMMB corporate client agents.
This vegetarian pasta dish was among the scrumptious dishes served at the JMMB Covert Ops corporate mixer.
Top Agent Chef Shea Stewart’s pimento chicken grilled to perfection with a signature sauce.
Delightful red velvet cupcakes to satisfy each and every sweet tooth.
The Spy Cloud, the smokingly creamy signature drink of the evening.
Director of JMMB Group Andrew Cocking (left) and his wife, Ann-marie, greet the waiter as he serves them the Spy Cloud – the secret weapon of mass consumption for the night.

JMMB's corporate client agents spied a wide array of delicious dishes at the company's Covert Ops held at the Chinese Gardens, at Hope Gardens last Friday night.

Beyond the red carpet and flashing lights, specially invited guests started the night off with a bang, sipping on the exotic Spy Cloud, the creamy signature drink for the evening.

From there, it was on to the real mission at hand - taking a walk on the wild side.

The Tom Cruise of the kitchen, Bachelor Chef himself, secret agent Shea Stewart, was in charge of thrilling taste buds with a carving station, the fritto misto (fried affair) station and the world famous pasta station.


At the carving station, guests tapped into the secret of 'I spy' pork loin - roasted pork tenderloin marinated in ground coffee and spices served with a mushroom sherry sauce; fish en papiote - snapper encased and roasted with lemon butter; and pimento chicken grilled to perfection with Stewart's special blend of secret spices served with a signature sauce.


The fried affair or frito misto station had agents taking a gamble in savoury indulgence with their undercover tail - pig tail fried to a crisp, swimming in a sea of sweet and tangy mango sauce; casino frits - crispy seasoned fries topped with crispy bacon, cheese and chopped scallions; and tempura vegetable served with a Scotch bonnet aioli (a Mediterranean sauce usually made with garlic and olive oil).


And what is a palatable adventure without exploring creamy pastas? Included in this mission were the shrimp penne pasta served with a vodka cream sauce (shaken, not stirred); mac and cheese spheres accompanied by a bechamel sauce; and pasta-mi-pasta - an assortment of meats and vegetables.


Kukup Kreations also got in on the culinary action providing oh-so-yummy desserts. Tiramisu shots, strawberry cheesecake, parfait rum balls, truffles, mini red velvet cupcakes, and French macaroons all reigned supreme for those with a desire to satisfy their sweet tooth.


If guests needed to cut the chill in the air, Stewart's soup tent served cream of roasted vegetables with brandy. A voyage to the vineyards included an investigation into Trapiche's variety of wines, including Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Malbec and Moscato, which left the bold and daring on a intoxicating high.