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Jamaica Day at Harrison's Prep

Published:Thursday | March 17, 2016 | 12:00 AMRasbert Turner
A beautiful array of local fruits and vegetables on display at the Harrison's Preparatory School.
Rasbert Turner Photo The handpicked okras and Scotch bonnett peppers.
Rasbert Turner Photo Not into salt fish, try the ackee and red herring.
Rasbert Turner Photo Crackers and jelly are among the snacks available.
The perfect complement side – breadfruit
Rasbert Turner Photo Don't forget the vegetables

Food was aplenty at the Harrison's Preparatory School for its Jamaica Day celebrations recently.

When Food visited the 37 Canal Drive, Spanish Town, institution, the delectable scent of various dishes caressed the senses.

There was an array of dishes - fried fish, curried goat, jerked chicken, fried chicken, coconut drops, grater cakes and gizzadas.

The national dish - ackee and salt fish - was not to be left out, along with red herring, and coconut rundown with gully beans and chicken. All the dishes were accompanied with roasted breadfruit, boiled green bananas, bread, rice, fried dumplings or turned cornmeal.

Refreshing glasses of home-made ginger beer, carrot juice, cheery juice, lemonade, sorrel, coconut water and a host of other beverages were on site to 'wash' things down.

"We think the students here should be made aware of how great locally grown fruits and food can taste when it's done like this," Lavern Burton told Food as the children were seen devouring all on show, much to the delight of parents and guardians.

"This ginger beer tastes very good and that is why my daughter has kept me so busy, but it is a very good day, and it clearly shows that local foods can taste good," Shauna Gordon said.

Principal Dr Una Harrison expressed gratitude for the assistance of those who turned out.

The items of food and labour were provided by parents and guardians.