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Unconventional things to have with Easter bun

Published:Tuesday | March 15, 2016 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
How do you like your Easter bun?
How about Easter bun and ice cream?
Easter bun and sprat?
Or Easter bun and pear?

It is coming close to Easter, and many of us look forward to having bun and cheese; however, a few of us like to take culinary risks and step out of the box when it comes to our favourite Easter pastry. Here are a few combinations that our fellow Jamaicans have tried with Easter bun.

I just found this out last week that Easter bun can be paired with Solomon Gundy and, surprisingly, it's quite tasty.

- Jermaine Francis


Easter bun and avocado pear is the best thing! I'm lactose intolerant, so pear works best for me.

- Khalil Campbell


I actually like to eat Easter bun with peanut butter and blueberry jam. I stumbled upon this combination one day when I had bun and no cheese, and the only thing that was available was the peanut butter blueberry jam mix. It was love at first bite.

- Ernest Wint


Corned beef, egg - almost anything I eat with bun. They all are going the same place.

- Renae Douglas


I have often eaten my Easter bun with cheese, but if you are out of that, butter is the next best thing to eat it with, in my view.

- Laron Harris


I eat Easter bun with lettuce to keep a balance in my diet. I really love Easter bun on a whole, but I don't want to put on too much weight, so I eat it with lettuce.

- Kelah Coley


I like bun with rum and raisin ice cream.

- Ronnica Allen


I love Easter Bun and mayonnaise. To me, it tastes much better than cheese, and it actually enhances the taste of the fruits and spices in the bun.

- Joseph Green


I have tried toasted bun and butter.

- Stephanie Smith


Crunchy peanut butter goes well with Easter bun. The sweet taste of the bun combined with the peanuts is amazing.

- Gavin Doyle


I eat Easter bun with sprat, because it tastes so good. Not only is it common but it's convenient especially for the season.

- Brian McCalla


Bun with ice cream covered with Hershey's syrup is awesome.

- Cerene Davis