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Easter Around the World

Published:Thursday | March 24, 2016 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Braided Easter egg bread
Hot Cross Buns
Grilled lamb chops.

When it comes to food during Easter in Jamaica, there is nothing that we love more than our bun and cheese and sprat. But is this preference unique to us? This week, Food would like to take you around the world to explore the Easter treats of other countries.


At Easter, English folks like to enjoy Hot Cross Bun - a sweet bun with raisins and a cross at the top, staying true to the season.


Mammi is made with water, rye malt, molasses, and rye flour, and later smothered with cream and enjoyed. It is a very popular Finnish Easter dessert.


In Italy, Easter is one big celebration. Easter Monday is called Pasquetta (Little Easter) and that is when they pull out all the stops - grilled lamb chops is a must-have for dinner and Easter bread, which looks like a fat braid, is a must-have for dessert.

United States

of America

We have it for Christmas and in the United States they have it for Easter - ham. This is something that we all can appreciate.


Tsoureki is a great sweet Easter treat filled with the best yoghurt - Greek yoghurt.