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Easter Wines

Published:Thursday | March 24, 2016 | 12:00 AMJason Clarke

Easter weekend is fast approaching, which marks the end of Lent, but this year, also my birthday.

God in all his infinite wisdom, has decided that this Friday the 25th — my birthday, has been declared Good Friday — and a good Friday it shall be! In preparation for the long weekend, two things are must haves- Easter bun and fish.

I recently went to Rae Town fishing village to pre select the weekend's catch. They have a wide assortment of fish that comes in daily, and whether you steam it, stew it, or fry it, works really well with a chardonnay. There are a number of them that line the shelves of your local supermarket, but I will narrow my selection down to three picks.

1. Robert Mondavi Private Selection — enjoy the smell of lemon and green apples, and the taste of peaches and subtle hints of vanilla.

2. Red Diamond — light and crisp from an emerging wine market — Washington State. This wine has awesome tropical flavours, and not only is it great with fish, but also incredible with creamy sauces as well; especially if you cook with it for a little secret sauce.

3. Ck Mondavi — is a great value medium bodied chardonnay with a delightfully crisp finish which makes you want to enjoy it regardless of whether you happen to be eating or entertaining.

For ease, this is one of those wines with a screw top which makes it easy to enjoy, especially if you happen to have forgotten a cork screw.

Bun can vary from sweet to a combination of sweet and spicy. A good bun (not to play on words) will have some mixture of nutmeg, cinnamon, prunes and raisins, and Dragon stout. The flavour of bun is distinct and unusual, and goes well with sweeter wines. I have given it some thoughts and a few experiments, and came up with a few wines that goes well with bun and cheese.

Sweet wines are the ideal partners for buns — moscatos and sweet reds being the obvious picks. But a good Port which is fortified wine, and much sweeter is best. The Sutter Home moscato is one of my favourites to enjoy with bun and cheese — sweet, but not over powering. Amazing aromas of lychee and peach and flavours of peach and honey dew melon, which for me works remarkably well with the fruitiness of bun.

For the weekend getaway types like myself, one has to start with the basics. A sauvignon blanc, is the ideal option for a wine to sip on while on the beach. Light and crisp, it goes well with the feeling of sand between your toes, and the roar of the waves in the background.

An all time favourite of mine is Kim Crawford, which coincidentally, was voted the #1 brand of sauvignon blanc in the United States. Ever so fragrant like perfume and always delicious.

There are other Sauvignon Blancs that are just as enjoyable. While having lunch at one my usual spots, I had the Veena Maipo Vitral reserve sauvignon blanc, which was great. Besides being great value for money, this Chilean wine has great citrus notes, elegant, and sharp balance. When extremely cold, is extremely refreshing which may make you forget you are actually drinking wine.

For the red lovers like myself, an oldie but goody is another Chilean wine — Primus. I came across this wine a few years ago in a wine bar and fell in love instantly. I opened a bottle of the 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon last Friday with some friends, and some things never disappoint. Beautiful rich ripe berry flavours, with subtle flavours of oak, a silky texture and a lingering finish. Who needs to have food with this? You can certainly enjoy it by itself.

As you gear up for the weekend, stock up on a few things so you have choice depending on where your mood takes you, and enjoy, I know I most certainly will.


I am not an expert, merely a wine enthusiast sharing my thoughts and experiences. Feel free to share your own experiences