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The bitter revolution

Published:Thursday | March 31, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Chef Theo Smith’s trio mac and cheese with thyme oil drizzle. The bitter element of the raw thyme oil gives the dish a nice contrast.
Chef Theo Smith’s lemon butter shrimp sautéed, served with couscous. The lemon butter is the bitter element in this dish.
Alcoholic beverages are the most popular agent for the bitter flavour. The world-renowned aperitif Campari allows the bitter taste to be enjoyed in a number of cocktails.
Kale chips.
Green juice made with bitter greens.

Sweet and savoury have been favourite tastes among chefs and food lovers for ages. But now there's a new taste category in town. Bitter yes, bitter is the flavour of 2016.

Over the years, bitter has got something of a bad rap, particularly in this part of the world, though Italy (think Campari) and parts of Asia have long tapped into it. But as diners have been getting more adventurous and trying new things, bitterness has been breaking through. According to Greathouse Caterers' Theo Smith: "The trend has definitely been growing with bitter flavours being used in menu items, natural juices as well as alcoholic cocktails and desserts. I personally believe this trend started out in beverages from bitters being used in alcoholic beverages, to coffee mixtures and green juices as well."

Smith might be on to something, as cocktail mixes made with Campari have grown in popularity in recent years, and green juices are now a favourite among health-conscious millenials and the young at heart.

And it doesn't stop there. "Now, with everyone's love of dark chocolate, desserts are the next area where the bitter trend is growing, and has a more widespread appreciation," notes Smith.

Jamaica, said Smith, is not being left out of what is a global trend. "I believe we are already on the way and we'll be surprised to see where the food and beverage industry will be in five years from now with this trend. This trend, like many others, is another aspect that will allow us to understand how diverse we can be with the ingredients we have and the methods we use."

So get your taste buds ready to dive into something new, as bitter, it seems, is the new sweet.

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