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The $250 cooking show

Published:Thursday | April 7, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Sponsors of the second season of ‘The $250 Cooking Challenge’ pause for a photo at last week’s launch. They are (from left): Devra Vassell, Racquel Watson, Heather McCoy, Christopher Brodber, Shermaine Robotham, Simone Johnson and Richard Delapenha.

The $250 Cooking Challenge show had the official media launch of its second season at the Super Shoppers Fair last Thursday.

Competitors in the reality-TV cooking series continue to display rich Jamaican food, their amazing culinary skills and their fascinating budgeting abilities to prove to Jamaica and the world that cooking a meal on just J$250 is possible.

In each episode of Season 2, the challengers are given a meagre $250 to make a meal for two persons. They will have only 30 minutes to purchase, prepare, plate and present their meals.

The judges assess the meals, looking at creativity, taste, presentation, and also the amount of money spent.

One challenger is eliminated in each episode. The three round winners will cook-off in a mega final, competing for a cash prize of $120,000 and the coveted championship title.


Unlike in Season One, where competitors had a one-mile radius in which to shop, in Season 2, they are now limited to shopping within the Super Shoppers Fair Supermarket. They will also have less time to shop, and for the first time, they will have to prepare and plate for not only the panel of judges, but before a studio audience, who will decide the winner of 'The Best Meal' prize.

Organiser of The $250 Cooking Challenge show, Chris Brodber, said: "The show was started to educate Jamaicans on how to survive on a small budget. We wanted to share with everyone what a few knew well. I recall speaking with a mother of four, who is a single parent, and has to provide for her children on her very slim income. She amazed me with the meals she said she prepares, and how she stretches her dollar. So, she schooled me in budgeting, and we, through The $250 Cooking Challenge and these talented chefs, hope to school all Jamaica."

The show is aired on CVM TV on Sundays at 5 p.m. with a repeat on Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m.