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The Fritter Box Experience

Published:Thursday | May 26, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Oniel Richards, owner of the Fritter Box shows off one of his tasty specialty dishes.
Mouth-watering fish in coconut cream, served with whole wheat fritters and turn cornmeal.
Succulent boiled, oven baked chicken served with plantain fritter.
Yummy Ackee fritter.
The Fritter Box's homemade juices that completes the experience. From left: mango carrot, mellopine, guambilyn.
Healthy doesn't get any better than this green power combo of kale and spinach.
Fritter Box fruit smoothie made of melon, mango and papaya.

The humble fritter may have had its genesis in the home of everyday Jamaicans, but The Fritter Box has taken the home-cooked staple to a new level by infusing it with some popular ingredients.

Owner of The Fritter Box, Oneil Richards, creates more than just your run-of-the-mill banana and salt fish fritters. He creates yummy ackee, whole-wheat vegetable, and plantain fritters that are sure to leave fritter lovers salivating.

Richards has always loved being in the kitchen and creating food. He came up with the idea of establishing a business that would creatively package some well-known, tasty and authentic Jamaican foods.

After doing some research, he decided to start creating different types of fritters, and so The Fritter Box was born in August 2014.

"Most Jamaicans have had a country experience and we have seen our grandparents grow old and be healthy from eating real food. We should eat real food and food that we know. For that reason, I thought of putting our real food into something most of us love fritters," Richards told Food.

Helping customers avoid fast food is one of the aims of The Fritter Box. The business uses

organic products to prepare dishes. Richards and his team have also taken it a step further

by making their own coconut

oil and flour. The Fritter Box even goes beyond fritters. Customers can choose to add boiled, or oven-baked chicken or fish in coconut cream to their orders. To top-off The Fritter Box experience, customers are offered 'Ki's' homemade juices, iced teas or shakes that are all made from natural fruits and herbs with no artificial

ingredients or preservatives.

It is safe to say that The Fritter Box has changed the

fritter game.

The food is irresistible and the tag line 'While on the go. Eat what you grow. Eat what you know; offers the final bit of convincing that any lover of Jamaican food might need to head out and experience the fritter revolution.

The Fritter Box

3rd floor Westminster Centre

33 1/2 Eastwood Park Road,

Kingston, Jamaica