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Great gourmet

Published:Thursday | June 9, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Scrumptious penne alfredo primavera pasta with garlic bread on the side.
A closer look at Sewell's fried chicken with rice and peas and steamed vegetables on the side.
Delightful stewed pork served with boiled dumpling, pumpkin, banana, and fresh vegetables.
Chef Andre Sewell posing with one of his signature lunch dish: fried chicken with rice and peas and steamed vegetables.
Carne asadoa tacos with guacamole.
Surf & turf amuse bouche.
Jerked chicken and cabbage phyllo rolls.
Cheesy chicken butter bread bowl.

Two Eighteen Gourmet, headed by chef AndrÈ Sewell, opened only three months ago, and has already been attracting foodies in and around the Corporate Area on the hunt for tasty breakfast and lunch options.

With parents who worked in the culinary field, Sewell knows his way around the kitchen. But it was out of boredom that he decided to start experimenting with fresh ideas in an effort to ditch the ordinary when preparing food for himself. "I was tired of the regular rice and peas with fried chicken, and wanted to try something different," he told Food.

Two Eighteen Gourmet is located at Mountain View Avenue, on the property where his parents once operated an eatery. "The fact that I took over what my parents already started meant I already began the journey with a customer base. So it was really just a matter of getting them used to my style and standard of cooking," Sewell said.

Just after breakfast time, the warm and friendly staff at the restaurant was busy prepping for the highly anticipated and very busy lunch period. Many customers strolled through the doors, eagerly awaiting their meal choice for the day, while the restaurant's bearer, like a bumble bee, was kept busy, making several deliveries.

When asked what were some of his signature meals, Sewell said: "I don't even know which ones to tell you. I've had signature dishes before I started here, but since I've been here, the three dishes that persons create the most excitement about have been the fried chicken, the cranberry and cheddar-stuffed chicken and (what one customer calls) the super lasagne, which is a combination of ground beef, ground pork, bacon and chicken with a mixture of four different cheeses and a bechamel sauce. The latter two always sell out."

What can new customers expect once they get a taste of Two Eighteen Gourmet? "To get hooked!" Sewell proclaimed. "I haven't finished transforming this place into what I envision, but when that gets done, the idea is to have a restaurant that persons come to in order to have an exciting and stimulating culinary experience, rather than just a place they come to because they're hungry. I have a number of dishes that are pure indulgence. I'll see it on persons' faces, and hear it in their reactions when they give me their feedback. I don't want my restaurant to be a place where a few of the dishes on offer will cause that reaction. I want everything here to make you feel that way," said Sewell. "I guarantee that the meals I prepare are done to gourmet standards, using fresh ingredients with fantastic results."

Andre Sewell

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