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Reggae Carmella: Cultural Paradise in a bag

Published:Thursday | June 9, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Jamaican treats
Reggae Carmella gives you grater cake, gizzada, busta, peanut cake, peanut brittle, coconut drops, tamarind ball and Jackass corn, all in a bag.

In the mood for some authentic Jamaican snacks? Reggae Carmella has you covered.

Owners of the company, Terrence Messado and his wife Carone, revealed to Food that they initially had no interest in baking or snack-making, but with Terrence growing up with parents who would make Jamaican treats in the kitchen, he had an insatiable appetite for sweets. He recalled that Reggae Carmella was born out of a conversation he and his wife had over dinner last year on Valentine's Day. By September, Reggae Carmella was born.

The company started in their home, with Carone rolling up her sleeves and getting her hands deep in dough. Though she had never before baked more than a cake (with cake mix), she did not give up until she perfected many of the traditional Jamaican sweet treats, including grater cake, gizzada, busta, peanut cake, peanut brittle, coconut drops, tamarind ball and jackass corn. Reggae Carmella offers these treats all in a single bag or box.

Terrence's years of experience working in graphic design helped him create the attractive packaging the company uses.

Reggae Carmella has since grown from the confines of a messy household kitchen and now hires staff, providing valuable employment. The hard work of the team is paying off, as Reggae Carmella treats are now offered at 16 stores islandwide. These include the Carby's Souvenir Store in Twin Gates Plaza; Discount Centre and Pharmacy in Manor Park; Liguanea Drug & Garden in Liguanea; Total Bonjour at Shortwood Road; Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston; and Loshusan Supermarket in Barbican. They are also available at both Norman Manley and Donald Sangster international airports.

Reggae Carmella (876) 330-5001 or (876) 782-9875