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A Crown fit for a king

Published:Thursday | June 16, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Pork crown seasoned with (from left: corriander, pesto, dry rub and olive oil.
All the seasoning used on the roast are added to the vegetables that will make the perfect side dish for the port crown.
Copperwood pork crown roast a feast fit for a king.
Pork crown roast rubbed and ready for the oven.

As the popularity and availability of pork have increased in Jamaica, Copperwood Pork, the leader in premium-quality Jamaican pork, has been working to deliver specialty cuts of pork to its loyal customers.

The versatility of pork has become more widely known to household and professional chefs alike. As a result, pork lovers have been clamouring for more specialty cuts. In a push to satisfy this demand, Copperwood has introduced - just in time for Father's Day - a 'pre-tied' and ready-to-season crown roast. clamouring for more specialty cuts. In a push to satisfy this demand, Copperwood has introduced - just in time for Father's Day - a 'pre-tied' and ready-to-season crown roast.

Cut from the loin of the pig, a crown roast is as its name suggests - a gorgeous roast of rib pieces of pork with the bones pointing upwards. Fit for a king, this jewel of a cut is extravagant, and perfect for a celebratory meal on Father's Day.

The crown cut is no harder to prepare than a regular pork chop - especially when 'pre-tied' in the signature crown shape as prepared by Copperwood. All you need to do is season, marinade and roast.

Traditionally, one would have to prep (tie) the roast into the shape of a crown, trim the meat, 'french' the bones (remove meat and fat from the bone at the end of the chop to expose the tips), and then tie the roast. This can be a daunting task for the amateur chef. Copperwood has now done all the work for you.

These conveniently prepared crowns are available at the Copperwood Pork Store on Slipe Road in Kingston. Supplies are limited, so get in touch early to secure a crown for your king this Father's Day.

Pesto-rubbed Copperwood Pork Crown Roast With Roasted Vegetables





1 6-10lb Copperwood Pork crown roast

1/2 cup pesto

1/2 cup olive oil

1tbsp paprika

1tbsp coriander

1tbsp fresh cracked black pepper

1tbsp salt

Roasted Vegetables

2 ears sweetcorn

1 zucchini

1 bell pepper

1 onion




1. Remove crown roast from packaging and, with a fillet knife, rub the rib tips and remove any excess meat and fat left on the bone.

2. Season generously with the salt, pepper, paprika and coriander.

3. After dry seasoning has been applied, rub generously with half of the pesto.

4. Use half of the olive oil to baste the roast, and let sit and marinate for at least two hours.


Roasted vegetable prep


1. Cut corn into manageable pieces, cube zucchini and dice large onions and bell pepper.

2. Place all vegetables in a mixing bowl and apply all the seasoning used on crown roast to the vegetables, and toss gently until seasoning is evenly distributed


1. Preheat oven to 3508F.

2. On a greased baking sheet, place marinated crown roast. Surround roast with seasoned vegetables, and place in oven for approximately one hour. Test vegetables for readiness and remove if cooked.

3. Place roast back in oven and bake an additional hour or until internal temperature at its thickest point reaches 1608F.

4. Remove from oven, place on platter and garnish with roasted vegetables.

5. Enjoy!