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Ting - the best-tasting grapefruit soda

Published:Thursday | June 23, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Likkle Ting
Risky Ting.
Ginger Ting

Ting, the grapefruit-flavoured carbonated beverage distributed by Pepsi Cola, was declared the best-tasting grapefruit soda to create the perfect summer cocktail mix, by international food and beverage magazine, Bon Appetit.

Editors from the magazine assembled a panel of experts to participate in a blind-tasting competition to identify the best grapefruit drink among a dozen of brands, ranging from "bougie artisanal bottles to inexpensive bodega brands".

In the end, Ting was lauded by the panellists for having the "truest grapefruit flavour" with "a heady aroma and a sweet but clean taste".

Carla Hollingsworth, export marketing manager, Pepsi Jamaica, welcomed the endorsement and echoed the sentiments of the panellists.

"People turn to Bon Appetit for the best food and beverage advice so we are eternally grateful for the endorsement," she said. "Ting is a favourite both locally and abroad because its tart yet sweet taste makes it a versatile drink that can stand on its own or add an unmatched dimension to cocktail mixes."

Try some of these mixes and see why Ting is the best-tasting grapefruit soda.

Risky Ting

Start with 3oz of Ting, then

add ...

11/2 oz rum - aged or


A dash of bitters

Ginger Ting

Start with 3oz of Ting, then

add ...

2oz authentic old

Jamaican ginger beer

Mint leaves

1/2oz Grenadine syrup


Likkle Ting

Start with 2oz of Ting, then

add ...

1oz vodka

1tbs brown sugar

1/2oz simple syrup

1oz lime juice

8 mint leaves

1/2 cranberry juice