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Pasta paradise

Published:Thursday | June 30, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Jerk chicken Alfredo from 100.
Caribbean salad from Toss and Roll.
Kaluga Gourmet’s roasted beef.
JoJo’s kool’ summer pasta: ripe plantain topped with beef tenderloin.
Shrimp Primavera pasta from A-Bar.
Café Africa’s chicken tagine with couscous.
Guava-glazed shrimp scampi from Peckish.
A-Bar’s jerk chicken penne pasta.
From left: Toni-Ann Tracey, Luanna Holt and Melissa Prendergast paused their pasta festivities for a photo-op.
The bartender pouring a cool glass of Beringer Moscato.
Sunday dinner: layer of mac and cheese and succulent cuts of roasted beef from JoJo’s Jerk Pit and More.
Pumpkin red curry cream pasta from Fuzion.

It was pasta, pasta and more pasta at the first staging of the Supreme Pasta Festival. Scores of pasta lovers and foodies made their way to the Mona High School's parking lot, where they were shuttled over to the main event at the Chinese Benevolent Association on Old Hope Road.

Their mission, which they had chosen to accept, was to partake in as much scrumptious pasta dishes in one sitting as possible. The savoury operation included 12 food stations, ready and waiting to take their taste buds to a delectable cloud nine and beyond.

However, patrons soon discovered that the mission had been compromised when a few of the booths either missed the mark in flavour or came up short in the serving and stock.

Many began their journey at Akafe, who got the ball rolling with sumptuous soups to whet every one's appetites. From there, the choices seemed endless.

A-Bar Restaurant had the crowd lining up for second and third servings of their jerked chicken penne pasta and shrimp primavera pasta. JoJo's Jerk Pit and More presented a 'kool' summer pasta ripe plantain topped with beef tenderloin and a delicious beef gravy, Fusillia pasta with roasted beef and ripe plantains and Sunday dinner - layers of Mac and cheese and succulent cuts of roasted beef. 100's jerk chicken Alfredo and s pumpkin red curry cream pasta, roasted tomato and smoked herring, cream pasta with shrimp represented well among the attendees.

Peckish 876 had people pecking for more with the chicken lasagna and guava glazed shrimp scampi, while Kaluga Kafe made something special in the kitchen with their pimento chicken penne pasta with Scotch bonnet cream.

Bringing a different set of flavours to the palate were Toss and Roll with their kale citrus salad and the Caribbean salad. CafÈ Africa's chicken tagine with couscous, and Fusion chef John Comrie played inside and outside the box with Vegan surprise - roasted vegetable with sweet corn in coconut cream sauce, and twist of faith: Red Stripe jackfruit penne pasta with spicy teriyaki chicken.

DAM Good Brownies and Essence of Hazel provided the perfect balance of sweetness with mouth-watering desserts.

The food-inclusive event met up on other roadblocks along their culinary espionage. The single pay bar had by far the longest line, and many grew impatient with the wait to replenish their thirst with their choice of wines, cocktails, juices and good old-fashioned water.

Many felt swindled out of their one glass of complimentary wine, and some even expressed frustration in paying so much for an event and then having to buy drinks. There was also disappointment that the pastas were not piping from the pot, which would have provided the creamy consistency needed for delightful consumption.