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I'm not a chef | Snap on that ... Curry Style

Published:Thursday | July 7, 2016 | 12:15 AM

Hey! 'I'm Not A Chef' is back for a second season and I am thrilled to get the ball rolling and heat things up! There's a new and exciting culinary line-up, ready and waiting just for your savoury and sweet indulgence, so sit back relax and enjoy as I aspire to make it or break it in the kitchen.

This week, I decided to make a snap of things and prepare some snapper, curry style.

Now, I don't know about you, but I love love love curry! 'Twas one of the first dishes I ever learned to cook, courtesy of my Indian fam, but up until last season, I had never actually cooked fish. I mean, if I craved it, then Port Royal or Hellshire would be seeing me.

So when I was given the task of making curried snapper, I said to myself, "Hmm, this is interesting." And that it was!

I dove right into it, and discovered that it was actually easier than expected. But before I could begin, I enlisted the assistance of none other than local seafood specialists, Rainforest, who were happy to provide the snapper for yours truly. Food veterans Hi-Lo Foods also came on board and mixed things up with mixed vegetables. What a sweet combo! Thanks again.

So, let's get started on this adventure, shall we? I gathered a few ingredients: Rainforest Seafood snapper fillets, of course, curry powder, coconut milk, chopped garlic, onion, scallion, thyme, Scotch bonnet pepper, sweet pepper, Irish potato, and a can of Hi-Lo mixed vegetables and butter beans.



Adding the oil to my pot and waiting a few minutes for the fire to handle its heating business, I burned my curry first in the oil, then threw in all my dry seasonings, salt and pepper to taste, and diced potatoes, before letting them all swim in a sea of coconut milk.

Let those seasonings marinate in the mix for a bit, then have dear Rainforest snapper fillet make a special savoury appearance into the pot. Give that five minutes then have the Hi-Lo mixed vegetables and butter beans accompany the fish. You want to ensure that those two are the last things you add. From there, all that is left to do once everything made it in is to simmer down, controlling the temper of the flame from high to a low 'just right'.

Add another five minutes to your time and voila! You have your very own mouth-watering fresh from the sea to the pot and into your plate, Curry Snapper. Snap on that: curry style.

And since I'm not a chef but rather a certified 'foodie', I completed my meal with a side of white rice, a great combination with curry, by the way, and tossed salad to tap back into my healthy side.

Loved what you read here?

Then try this fish dish at home for yourself (see recipe below) and share your thoughts with me. Until next time, this is your not a 'cheffette' encouraging you to walk good, live good and eat good.


Coconut Curried Snapper - Ingredients

1 lb seasoned Rainforest Seafoods snapper fillets

3 oz unsalted butter

2 oz curry powder

6 oz coconut milk

1 can butter beans

2 cloves garlic [chopped]

1 Scotch bonnet pepper

1 large potato [diced]

1 sweet pepper

1 onion

8 oz Hi-Lo mixed


3 stalks scallion

1 sprig thyme

1 oz salt & pepper mix


Saute potatoes with seasonings for 5 mins. Turn flame low. Add coconut milk. Simmer for 10 mins. Add Rainforest Seafoods snapper fillets. Continue cooking for another 5 minutes, making gravy a nice consistency. Add butter beans and Hi-Lo mixed vegetables. Serve with your choice of starch.

Serves 4