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‘SumFeast’ at Reggae Sumfest

Published:Thursday | July 14, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Ackee and saltfish with boiled bananas, roast breadfruit, boiled-fry dumplings and fried plantains
A close-up of the mouth-watering sorrel-braised pork.

It is often said that good food equals to good mood. No wonder Reggae Sumfest, in gaining popularity for its cultural variety in music, has now transcended into the world of creative culinary delights.

As the main acts hit the stage for two nights of incredible music, 25 food vendors will be behind the scenes putting on their very own savoury showcase, just for you.

So let's take you on a tasty tour, shall we? As usual, patrons can expect to experience headliners such as sweet marinated chicken dishes, succulent oxtail, juicy jerk pork, beloved curry goat, flavourful stew peas, steamy fish and lobster, done to sizzling perfection all of which will have the audience from near and far screaming 'encore' and wanting more. Ital taste bud 'entertainers' will be on the fire, ready for those who prefer the vegan variety. While those considered universal culinary 'artistes', namely pizza and burgers, will continue to serenade by satisfying appetites.




Crowd-pullers for the nights will also include soup station performers of mannish water, crayfish and more, with special appearances from smoothies and shakes 'singers', hitting high notes of freshness with fruits of your choosing.

But what seems to be the showstopper sensation for the two-night festival will be the breakfast troupe, dishing out melodious notes of local favorites like our very own national dish, ackee and salt fish, with back-up vocals from the department of ground provision, and breadfruit 'roast or fry'.

Director of Reggae Sumfest Robert Russell said it best, "I mostly look forward to the breakfast aspect of the festival - the ackee and the corned pork with boiled dumpling and banana. By then, everyone has worked up an appetite and so the vendors sell off their food every morning. It is just a wonderful experience."

So, whether you're a newcomer or a veteran music lover, be sure to check out the food selection at Reggae Sumfest this year: you are sure to be in for a palatable treat you won't ever forget.