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Crunched - Doritos and Pizza Hut take taste and innovation to another level

Published:Thursday | July 21, 2016 | 12:01 AM

Doritos and pizza - what do these two things have in common other than their cheesy goodness? For a limited time they will both be available in delicious offering, at Pizza Hut Jamaica, on the Doritos Crunchy Stuffed Crust Pizza.

Leading the way in innovation, Pizza Hut Jamaica has partnered with one of the world's most popular snacks - Doritos - to create an absolutely game-changing pizza. The Doritos Crunchy Stuffed Crust Pizza has a crust filled with mozzarella cheese, then topped with cheddar cheese and Doritos, then baked until the perfect crunchy stuffed crust is achieved.

"Pizza lovers everywhere will rejoice when their favourite pizza and their favourite chip unite; when those two tastes come together, it is like nothing ever seen before," noted Tina Matalon, marketing director of Pizza Hut Jamaica. She continued, "What makes Doritos so great is the power of the taste and crunch in every bite. This makes it the perfect complement to our great-tasting pizzas."

The pizza will only be available in large, and can be made as Pizza Hut speciality pizzas - Hawaiian, BBQ Chicken, Supreme, Super Supreme, Vegetarian, Pepperoni Lovers and Meat Lovers - or customised to suit any desire, using the variety of toppings Pizza Hut has to offer, with BBQ sauce or their signature pizza sauce.

Keeping up with popular food trend of mixing textures, Pizza Hut Jamaica's Doritos Crunchy Stuffed Crust Pizza combines the intense flavour and experience of Pizza Hut Jamaica, with the satisfying crunch that only the chip-laden crust can provide. A good crunch is always associated with freshness, and the Doritos Crunchy Stuffed Crust Pizza satisfies on both counts.

Pizza Hut Jamaica is inviting you to #GetCrunchified!