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Tastee Liguanea: a Whole New World

Published:Thursday | July 28, 2016 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Regional Executive Chef Stephen Hamilton poses with his chicken alfredo pasta and tasty pork chops and fries.
This is wrap egg wrap is an egg lovers dream and can be ordered at Taste Liguanea.
This colourful chicken alfredo pasta is a must have for pasta lovers.
A lovely breakfast option of pancakes sprinkle with sugar served with eggs and bacon. This is accompanied by a serving of pancake syrup to be used as desired
Tastee's tender pork chops with a serving of fries and honey infused thyme glaze.

For generations, Tastee Patties has been an important part of Jamaican life, with Jamaicans and tourists travelling abroad with frozen boxes of this Jamaican delicacy to share with family and friends. But the new Tastee in Liguanea is much more than just a location for great patty.

Tastee opened the doors to the new locale on July 8, revealing a modern, clean look, with a completely transformed menu.

Of course, there is the patty that we all know and love, but there is much more in store ? while Tastee has long incorporated other dishes on their menu, such as fried chicken and French fries, it has never been this diverse.

They have now added breakfast options and pastas. Some of the new breakfast items include pancakes served with bacon and eggs; an egg wrap as well as traditional breakfast items for those who prefer traditional Jamaican breakfast.

When it comes to lunch and dinner options, the restaurant has more than expanded, it has evolved. Their menu caters to everyone ? from pasta to pork lovers. They have included a seafood alfredo pasta, jerked chicken pasta, grilled pork chops combo ? which is savoury grilled pork chops served with fries and, of course, jerked pork had to make the cut.

After years of making Tastee a household name, according to Marketing Manager Tara Goulbourne, it was time for them to expand. Goulbourne told Food that their customers have always requested more meals from Tastee, and now they are capable of giving customers exactly what they are looking for. With the addition of Chef Stephen Hamilton as regional executive chef, they are more than equipped to do so.

The reception has been great and Goulbourne added that there is more in store. Take a look of some of the exciting menu items the new Tastee location has to offer.

Tastee Liguanea

Address: 130 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6