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In for a Brew'd Awakening

Published:Thursday | August 4, 2016 | 12:17 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Brew'd Awakenings' divine Oreo Blast.
This delectable red velvet cheesecake.
Brew'd Awakening's Ham and Cheese Panini.
Have a latte, courtesy of Brew'd Awakenings.
Brew'd Awakening's cosy lounge area.

Start your day at Brew'd Awakenings, where the ambience is relaxing and the aroma of brewed coffee excites your senses and gets you ready to face the day.

Just next door to Tastee Liguanea, the Tastee Group has opened a little coffee haven, Brew'd Awakenings. Upon entry, your senses are tickled by the scent of freshly brewed coffee, and your eyes are captivated by the sweet treats on display. All pastry is made by Tastee, and they everything from cheesecakes to cookies. So you can fulfil your sweet desires while indulging in your morning pick-me-up.

This cafÈ inspired by great moments has a variety of coffees and teas to appeal to all your desires - hot to cold, caffeinated or caffeine-free beverages.

While the cafe places a special emphasis on coffee, it has a range of other delectable offerings. It offers fruits, Greek salad, panini, wraps and sub sandwiches. You can get all of these with chicken, ham and fish. Or you may try the egg and bacon wrapper or French toast with eggs and bacon.

Brew'd Awakenings has dispelled the myth of breakfast only being for mornings, and once it's open, you can order the daily delights.

Coupled with great offerings, the cafe has a lovely ambience. The decor - a predominantly white with a brick feature wall - gives the cafe a modern yet edgy look and feel. There is a cosy lounge area for patrons who do not necessarily want to be around a table. And for those business meetings or popular cafe sit-downs, there is a main area.

According to Marketing Manager Tara Goulbourne, there was no question about adding this cafe to the Taste Group. They wanted somewhere that would cater to family and business professionals while still maintaining their affordable prices. That is exactly what Brew'd Awakenings offers.