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Unravelling the mystery

Published:Thursday | August 4, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Percival Williams, owner of Williams Wholesale, stands proudly next to his goodies.
Edna Cockette, owner of E&C Grocery.
Jean Brown of Four R's Wholesale is ready to open her gifts.
Maureen Campbell, who is the owner of L&J Wholesale, smiles with glee.

The agents of the NestlÈ Mystery Shop Promotion moved stealthily around St Catherine last week, but most shopkeepers were not about to be taken by surprise - displaying the required products on their shelves to secure the handy prizes of a large igloo, coffeemaker and two cases of products of their choice from the list they had to purchase.

They had to buy (to display on two shelves) the following:

n Six packs of any of the range of NestlÈ Breakfast cereal

n Six cartons of Maggi Season Up All Purpose

n Six cartons of any of the range of Maggi Soups

n Six packs of any of the range of Milo products

n Six cartons of any of the range of Nescafe 3 in 1

n Six packs of any of the range of Nestum pouches

n Six packs of Klim pouches

Ready and waiting

And this time, the agents were the ones surprised as the shopkeepers were all set and prepared.

Edna Cockette is the owner of E&C Grocery in Old Harbour with a fine display of the required products. She doesn't have enough hands to sell Maggi All-Purpose Season and personally loves Nescafe 3 in 1, as it is easy to make, Maggi Fish Tea, and Maggi Coconut Milk that has to be in her hominy corn porridge. Edna was quite pleased that she was 'winning a promotion' for the first time.

Maureen Campbell of L&J Wholesale, a shop that has been around for over 26 years, is passionate about the line of Maggi Seasonings. "It simple," she said, "di pot nuh nice widout it."

Jean Brown of Four R's Wholesale said that NestlÈ products do quite well in her store and is her family's preferred brand. She uses Maggi All-Purpose Season in her Spanish rice and her rice and peas.

Percival Williams of Williams Wholesale was the only male winner. A man of few words, he had his hands full with his many customers. "Caan talk to yu now," he said, "but as yu can si, most people buying NestlÈ."

Keep looking out for the mystery agents ... they can be at your shop at any time.