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Minimart not left mystified

Published:Tuesday | August 9, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Clover Richards stands proud next to her goodies.
Joneal Simpson accepted the prize in her mother’s – Paulette Gentles – absence.
Donna Lee Farquharson is already sharing plans of how to use her gifts.

The display of the required NestlÈ products stood proudly right at the front of the minimart.

Clover Richards, the owner of Denzel Minimart in Alligator Pond, St Elizabeth, was prepared and waiting and would not be left mystified when the agents of the NestlÈ Mystery Shop Promotion came visiting.

Everything, therefore, was in place. The shelves on the display stand had all that was required:

- 6 packs of any of the range of NestlÈ Breakfast cereal

- 6 cartons of Maggi Season Up All Purpose

- 6 cartons of any of the range of Maggi Soups

- 6 packs of any of the range of Milo products

- 6 cartons of any of the range of Nescafe 3 in 1

- 6 packs of any of the range of Nestum pouches

- 6 packs of Klim pouches

Clover Richards, you see, was confident of winning large igloo, coffee maker and two cases of products of her choice from all that she had to purchase. "I was sure I was going to win; like how I am sure about NestlÈ products." Milo is a fast seller and her favourite NestlÈ product is the Maggi All-Purpose Seasoning, which she uses in her soup.

Standpipe Grocery and Sharon's Meats and Wholesale were among the winners in Manchester.

Standpipe Grocery has been around some 18 years now, with Nestum its customers' favourite choice.

Owner Paulette Gentles said Milo is 'number one' for her large family and Maggi "really provides the right flavour".

Donna Lee 'Sharon' Farquharson of Sharon's Meats and Wholesale is unwavering in her support for NestlÈ brands, given price and quality. It's an unbeatable equation, she says, for NestlÈ.