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Buying what is required

Published:Thursday | August 18, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Lenworth Ramdeen is surrounded by his team of supportive workers. He is known as the man having always what's required.
The winning display
Leita Cooper, proud sister of Louise Lumsden, owner of Heartease Wholesale accepted the prize.
Another proud recipient, Monica Logan of Kem-Lo Superette.

He was always buying what was required so when the agents of the Nestle Mystery Shop Promotion visited his shop the People's Bazaar Wholesale in Golden Grove, St Thomas, Lenworth Ramdeen and his staff were smiling from ear to ear.

This had the mystery agents taken aback, but nevertheless quite pleased at how well stocked his small shop was with Nestle products.

In business for over 25 years now, what was required was always on display:

- Six packs of any of the range of Nestle Breakfast cereals.

- six cartons of Maggi Season Up All Purpose.

- six cartons of any of the range of Maggi Soups.

- six packs of any of the range of Milo products.

- six cartons of any of the range of Nescafe 3 in 1.

- six packs of any of the range of Nestum pouches.

- six packs of Klim pouches.

So the prize of a large igloo, coffeemaker and two cases of products of his choice were quickly handed over with a broad grin from the Nestle Mystery Agent.

Ramdeen stands by the quality of the Nestle brand, and being a lover of fish, the Maggi Fish Seasoning is a personal favourite.

Also stocking up was Monica Logan, owner of Kem-Lo Superette buying this time more than what was required because, as she insisted, 'Ah Nestle it wi sell.' She is a lover of steamed fish and Maggi Chicken Noodle is always in the pot.

Milo continues to be the main seller for the Heartease Wholesale - even after 18 years of operation - owned by Louise Lumsden. Milo is a family favourite for generations, she says. A sentiment shared by many households. It's really no mystery.