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It's not the size that matters

Published:Thursday | August 25, 2016 | 12:07 AM
Bridget Nelson (right) owner of B & C Grocery with Mystery agent Marsha Page.
Melonie Simpson of Lucky Side Mini Mart.

It was small, even tiny. You would be tempted to go right past it.

However, if you stopped, you would be surprised to discover that the B & C Grocery, in St Andrew, was fully stocked and perhaps had what you desired.

It's not the size you see, that matters and the grocery shop certainly had all that was required for the NestlÈ Mystery Shop promotion:

- 6 packs of any of the range of NestlÈ Breakfast cereal

- 6 cartons of Maggi Season Up All Purpose

- 6 cartons of any of the range of Maggi Soups

- 6 packs of any of the range of Milo products

- 6 cartons of any of the range of NescafÈ 3 in 1

- 6 packs of any of the range of Nestum pouches

- 6 packs of Klim pouches

They were all properly displayed on two shelves as stipulated, and Mystery Agent Marsha Page immediately awarded the prize of a large igloo and coffeemaker to proprietor Bridget Nelson who also won for herself, from the list of products to be purchased, two cases of products of her choice.

It's as simple as A-B-C. Nelson says, that the NestlÈ range of products is of sound quality and that Maggi and Milo are are top sellers for her small shop that has been in operation for 22 years. She's a lover of the NescafÈ 3 in 1 and the Maggi All Purpose. She uses the NescafÈ 3 in 1 to make a chocolate shake (with cinnamon powder as added spice).

"I use Maggi All Purpose in just about everything," she says with a broad smile, "even in corned beef. Like it says, it's all purpose."

Cashier Melonie Simpson of Lucky Side Supermarket in St Thomas was feeling lucky the whole morning she says and the mini mart's display was exactly what agent Page was looking for.

"Going back to sleep on the same lucky side again," she said smilingly.