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Soar with SORA Japanese Sky Cuisine

Published:Thursday | August 25, 2016 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall
Crispy ‘stamina’ eel roll. Eel, fish flakes and tempura crunch is deep fried and served with a spicy mayo and eel sauce. The ingredients are said to build stamina.
SORA will leave your taste buds wanting more after indulging in their lobster in tomato cream sauce.
The Fujiyama roll. Fujiyama is the name of the highest mountain in Japan. SORA uses Jamaican ackee, salmon skin, scallion and citrus pepper—the ultimate Japanese and Jamaican combination.
One of SORA's most popular dish- the dragon roll. This is made with fried shrimp and rice with a slice of avocado, and is served with spicy mayo and eel sauce.
Yaki udon (Ume Salt) is stir- fried Japanese noodle, called udon, withvegetables and chicken. Ume is a Japanese plum which SORA uses to give the dish an authentic Japanese flavor.
This citrus pepper chicken bento box is a lunch special that comprises of rice, chicken, salad, an appetizer, and is served with miso soup.
Beef Shifureni Roll - simmered tenderloin beef and ginger in original sweet sauce with seaweed flakes.

SORA Japanese Sky Cuisine is looking to take your taste buds to new gastronomic heights as they stay true to the Japanese culture, while opening your eyes to the simple pleasures of Jamaica.

Since opening their doors on Phoenix Avenue in May, SORA has captured the taste buds of many of their customers, leaving them in awe.

With an outside bar stacked with your favourite wine and liquor, outdoor dining and authentic Japanese delectable, SORA offers the ultimate restaurant experience.

Among its wide array of dishes is the popular Sora roll which is made with eel, avocado, cucumber, kani mayo and crispy onion perfectly handmade by Sora's head chef, Koichi Matsumoto. Their citrus pepper chicken, made with grilled chicken, butter and an original citrus pepper sauce, has wooed foodies from near and far.

From the age of 17, owner and General Manager, Hiromasa 'Peavey' Takahashi has had a passion for cooking.

He perfected his art as a Japanese chef at the former Hilton Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica, for over three years. With his dream of opening his own Japanese restaurant, Takahashi is happy that he has the opportunity to use food to showcase more of the Japanese culture in Jamaica and showcase its many styles.

"We are different from other Japanese restaurants because we embrace the culture, offer comfort and serve top-notch, original dishes.

Rooftop terrace

Our rooftop terrace has a stunning view of the city and mountains, and our button system, that allows you to call your server when you need them, is a plus. We also do oriental foods in Japanese style, like pasta, steak and cheese. We make it suitable for everyone to dine here with us," Takahashi told Food.

Though they are new, they hope to have more people explore their wide array of delicious offerings.

They also have plans of hosting food and music events in the future.

Sora Japanese Sky Cuisine

9-11 Phoenix Avenue, Kingston 10

Tel: (876) 295-7394 or (876) 649-0132

Opening hours

Monday-Saturday: 11:30 a.m.-midnight

Sunday: Close