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Sweet and savoury - Rib, Roast Rum and more

Published:Thursday | September 1, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Lemon mousse parfait from Jodicakes.
Just the right amount of sweet in these banana nut cupcakes from Jodicakes.
Delicious chopped ribs ready to be devoured.
Mouth-watering jerked chicken, glazed with rum barbecue perfection.
Mishara Smith (left) and Jody-Ann Harris presenting the Gleaner’s electric lemonade
Kremi’s coffee rum cream ice cream topped with chocolate chips, sprinkles and gummy bears.
Crispy fish from the Yard Style station.
Dominic McDowell, founder of Dam Good Brownies, with his culinary creations, black forest brownie parfaits and very berry vegan bites.
Chef Mario Mills chopping jerked chicken at the Cluck Cluck station.

There's nothing like a sizzling barbecue to end the summer with a bang, and Rib, Roast, Rum and More was just that!

Last Friday evening, couples, families, friends and foodies gathered on Argyle Road to engage in good conversation over the savoury and sweet indulgence of great food and accompanying spirits.

Knott Francis Eventures, in association with Infuzion, created a feast fit for kings and queens. Let's take you on the delectable tour.

We started at The Oink Oink section that had everyone salivating for more, serving rum barbecue, guava barbecue, and spicy barbecue ribs, along with jerked pork skewers.

The Cluck Cluck section displayed succulent rum barbecue, Char-Sui barbecue, and spicy barbecue chicken, as well as jerked chicken neck. While the oh-so-creamy pasta station boasted pesto pasta and chipotle pasta with a choice of chicken sausage and assorted vegetable created quite a buzz on the taste buds.




Yard Style was a pleasantly scrumptious surprise, delighting those in attendance with authentic Jamaican foods that they knew or didn't know, but immediately loved - namely, spicy coconut curried chicken foot, jerked barbecue pigtail and crispy fish.

Playing a strong supporting role to the leading lean meat were the Pon di Side menu of bammy sticks, roast breadfruit, roasted sweet potato, coconut rice 'n peas, nicely presented on banana leaves.

And in-between bites, many found their way to the well-stocked bar to sip on Smirnoff and Appleton persuasion, on the house. Wines were on sale for those who wanted to experience something a little more refined.

But just when you thought the food line was over, there was more in store. There was also Bad Dawg hot dogs available. And soup lovers had a choice of mannish water, spicy to the taste, or smooth operating janga and corn soup from the Sip Section.




They, of course, could not leave out the sweet lovers. Jodicakes' banana nut cupcakes and lemon mousse parfait was a terrific break from all the meats. While Dam Good Brownies' Black Forest brownie parfait and very berry vegan bites hit the right spot and had everyone saying how 'damn' good they really were.

And last, but certainly not least, Kremi was back to conquer the sweet section one flavour at a time, providing vanilla, choco swag, chocolate chocolate chip and chocolate syrup, as well as coffee rum cream, topped with your choice of sprinkles, chocolate chips and gummy bears.

All in all, Rib, Roast, Rum and More was more than just tasty, it was an palatable, pleasing experience.