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They solved the Mystery!

Published:Thursday | September 1, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Jean Brown
Clover Richards
Bridget Nelson
Marcella Thomas
Maureen Campbell
Paulette Gentles 
Debbie Waugh
Rendell Williams
Donna Lee Farquharson

Here they are - the proud winners of the Nestle Mystery Shop Promotion, an islandwide exercise of targeting small shops and rewarding those displaying on two shelves, the following:

- Six packs of any of the range of Nestle Breakfast cereal.

- Six cartons of Maggi Season Up All-Purpose.

- Six cartons of any of the range of Maggi Soups.

- Six packs of any of the range of Milo products

- Six cartons of any of the range of Nescafe 3 in 1.

- Six packs of any of the range of Nestum pouches.

- Six packs of Klim pouches.

They each won two cases of products of their choice from the stipulated list of purchase, a coffeemaker and a large igloo.

The promotion was indeed one of intrigue. Shops islandwide were visited by the Nestle mystery agent Marsha Page, who kept sneaking around. To her surprise, quite a number of shops had all that was required - the mystery, as it were, being solved!

The proud winners caught on camera are Paulette Gentles, Clover Richards, Marcella Thomas, Bridget Nelson, Dennis Waugh, Rendell Williams, Edna Cockette, Maureen Campbell, Percival Williams, Melanie Simpson, Donna Lee Farquharson and Jean Brown.