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Forever Sweet Opens Shop

Published:Monday | September 5, 2016 | 6:36 PMKrysta Anderson
The Forever Sweet Special: vanilla, chocolate and pistachio cake all in one.
Forever Sweet owners, Preston and Suejen Haynes posing proudly with their one-of-a-kind pistachio cake.
Forever Sweet owners Preston and Suejen Haynes are the epitome of 'forever sweet' as they indulge in their red velvet cake feeding each other in the process.
"It's not just cake, it's art", says Suejen Haynes, who poses with her signature bread pudding.
Mouth-watering chocolate cake. Wouldn't you like a slice right now?
The pistachio cake sample delighted taste buds and had everyone wanting more.
Mouth-watering red velvet cake.

There's nothing sweeter than scrumptiously delightful morsels of cake as it dances from your fork to seduce your taste buds.

Loyal customers have asked for it, and local cake mogul Forever Sweet delivered, opening their very own cake shop on Burlington Avenue.

We visited their home recently and were blown away by the personalised touch in their set up and the customised cakes on sweet display.

And these weren't your typical cake flavours. "Persons were very impressed with the taste of our cakes, but didn't want a whole cake. They wanted our cakes to eat daily, and not just for a special occasion. And it was there that the idea to open shop was born," owners Suejen and Preston Haynes explained to Food.


After being in the business for almost five years, the dynamic duo became known for creating mouth-watering customised cakes and delivering right to your door steps. They realised, however, that they were only accessible via phone or social media and people wanted a more personal interaction. "WhatsApp and Facebook have been our main way of communicating, and that was good. But sometimes, we never actually met the people, and there's nothing like that experience," Preston highlighted.

Since opening just over a few weeks ago, the reception has been phenomenal. "The hands on immediate response has been great and when they share their stories ... priceless," Suejen said. Once customers have learnt of their location, they come in, purchase, eat and repeat. And who wouldn't, with their excitingly sweet line-up? The showcase boasted bread pudding, red velvet cake, Black Forest cake, pistachio cake, the Forever Sweet "FS" Special of layered pistachio, vanilla and chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies. They also had in the fridge - vanilla cake, jackfruit cheesecake and Bailey's cheesecake. Talk about walking into cake heaven!

"The best way to describe our cakes would be that they step a little outside of the box, putting a twist on flavour and sweetness," Suejen asserted. The pistachio cake, she said, is the new rave, adding, "It is an original recipe: You won't find it anywhere else."

They are looking to add frozen desserts, milkshakes and smoothies in the mix.

They noted that will still continue to do customised cakes, but were mindful to point out they do not believe in joining the two ventures. "We will still do what we've always done, that is, make cakes for customers. But as far as placing orders is concerned, you can only do so via phone or social media, since it is no guarantee that will be at the shop, but we are always available on the phone to direct your path, guiding and advising you to make the right sweet decision."

So, you know what they say, they proof is in the pudding. They encourage you to come in and experience pure awesomeness, excellent customer service, great products, extremely affordable prices in a very comfortable environment

Like what you see here? Pay them a visit at 36 Burlington Avenue for yourself, and experience art in its sweetest form.