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Something Fishy

Published:Thursday | September 8, 2016 | 12:00 AMDavina Henry
Head chef/owner Colin Nichols explains his signature mixed potato salad dish to Davina.
Succulent garlic shrimp with roast breadfruit paired with steam vegetables.
The mouth-watering salmon paired with steamed vegetables and a mixed potato salad.
The face you make when Terri-Karelle continues to beg you some of your food.
Look who is here? Davina is surprised by Terr-Karelle.
Seafood chef Carlton Henry plates the salmon dish for Davina.

I immediately burst into a fit of giggles after being told I would be visiting a restaurant called Something Fishy in Clarendon. I envisioned it as only serving fish dishes with aquariums all around. I was a little nervous to go, but also a little intrigued by the name.

I had just arrived and was about to look around when I heard a familiar voice. It was Terri-Karelle Reid, who had also shown up to also try out the restaurant.

When our waitress, Vanessa Miller, came over to tell us what was on the menu, both Terri and I were shocked to find out that Something Fishy Seafood and Gourmet Restaurant with Lounge, also offers chicken and pork dishes - smoked pork chops, oven-style jerk chicken - as well as curried goat. They all sounded mouth watering, but being that it was a seafood restaurant, I opted for salmon with the mixed potato salad.

Terri, on the other hand, wanted shrimp. In true foodie fashion, she inquired as to how many shrimp she would get per serving.

"We actually sell the shrimp by the pound, so half pound is 15 shrimp and one pound is 30 shrimp and you'll have to order a side separately," Vanessa explained.

"I'll go with the half pound shrimp with roast breadfruit as the side," Terri replied.

Knowing that she would not say no if I offered to pay for a one pound serving of shrimp, I made a deal with Terri.

"If you do the breadfruit dance by Chi Ching mi pay fi the pound a shrimp," I said.

She immediately jumped up and attempted the dance.

"No sah ... da breadfruit deh look like it overripe, drop and buss. Nuh badda make nobody see you a try dance ever again," I said to Terri bending over in laughter.

While we waited on the main dish, I ordered mannish water. It was not only tasty, but the bowl it came in was beautiful. Though not a fan of soup, Terri begged to try some as the aroma was just too much for her to resist. Of course I told her no.

A few minutes later, Vanessa brought my dish out. Once again, it was beautifully presented. "I have to give you guys props for presentation, and I know the food is going to taste just as good," I told Vanessa.

The aroma of the food was intoxicating. The salmon was done to perfection and the vegetables were delicious, and tasty. As I dug in, from the corner of my eye I could see Terri attempting to grab some of my food. Her shrimp had not yet arrived. Once again, I told her no.

Having never heard of a mixed potato salad, I was eager to try it. And it was the best potato salad I have ever had. A mixture of both Irish and sweet potatoes, pieces of cherry and garnished with parsley, it was pure perfection.

"Yuh really nah offer me none a you food? "Terri asked. I promptly gave her the lemon slice that came with the salmon.

I offered her some of my mixed potato salad and she was hooked. I literally had to wrestle the fork out of her hand so that she would not devour it all.

After a few more minutes, Vanessa brought Terri's shrimp with roasted breadfruit out ... in a box to go. Knowing I wanted a taste, she quickly grabbed her box and left. She was the real Jamaican definition of 'nyam and lef'.

Now that I was finally able to enjoy my meal without Terri's constant begging, I asked to speak to the head chef to thank him for the delicious meal.

Colin Nichols, who is also the owner of Something Fishy, joined me for a few minutes. Before anything else, I really wanted to find out about the name of the Establishment.

"I chose this name because I wanted people to be very curious and also because we mainly prepare seafood dishes," chef Nichols explained.

I commended him for not only the tasty dishes, but also the beautiful presentation. Having been opened for only eight months, Something Fishy caters to both visitors and locals alike and business has been booming.

"We also do customised days. For example, on Thursdays we do Jerk Hog Head, " Nichols said.

He also spoke about his expansion plans to construct a cabin in the parking lot for conferences.

"When the time is right, I'm also open to purchasing the property behind me so we can expand," he added.

Something Fishy Seafood & Gourmet Restaurant with Lounge

29 A West Park Ave, May Pen


Email: somethingfishymaypen@yahoo.com