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Eat around Jamaica | Simmer Down's SUPERB Piggy Burger

Published:Thursday | September 15, 2016 | 12:26 AM
Terri Karelle always looks this happy when food is around.
Terri-Karelle Reid speaking with Bill Powell.
Hostess and cashier Haila Gentles with the piggy burger.
Davina (left) and Terri- Karelle always goofing around unleashing their inner children on this see-saw.
The piggy burger and fries.

Have you ever heard the phrase “your bark is bigger than your bite?” Well that is definitely not true for Terri-Karelle Reid, because her bite is extremely large.

After hijacking Davina in Clarendon and having to swallow her pride and ‘hitch’ a ride, she was happy to reach the ‘cool cool’ hills of Manchester where she could just “Simmer Down.”

Wildwoods Simmer Down is a chill spot located in Walderston Manchester. The cool and laid back atmosphere was evenly tempered with the bright smiles from the staff. Known for their jerk, Simmer Down boasts a quite interesting menu; jerked rabbit, jerked chicken, jerked lamb and jerked sausage. But there was something that Terri was seeing for the first time — piggy burger. Haila, the hostess sensed the excitement when she mentioned their staple burger and smiled as she saw the hearts replace the iris in Terri’s eyes. She further explained that the piggy burger is ground up with all the herbs and spices which of course was a ‘Simmer Down secret’.

While waiting on her meal, Terri fell in love with the ambience. There were nice thatch kiosks named after gorgeous flowers such as Hibiscus, Yesterday Today and Tomorrow, and of course the bar area labelled The Pub.

Terri was quite impressed as she loved that the Simmer Down was a place that offered the option of a quite intimate setting or a great place for a family get together, as it was very family friendly with a specialised area for children.

And then it was her favourite time in any given day -food time! Hibiscus in hair, big grin, Terri unwrapped her burger salivating like a three month old. Terri took a big bite into her burger and you could hear the crickets as everyone awaited the verdict. All they heard was “mmm hmmm mmm.” There were no words.

Her recommendation, once you visit Simmer Down, the piggy burger is a must have. She loved the fact that the meat was seasoned to perfection and of course well done. The cheese and the fresh vegetables came together creating what could only be described as an explosion of flavours.

Bill Powell, shareholder of Simmer Down was quite pleased to host the Gleaner’s Eat Around Jamaica team. He especially enjoyed what could be described as a one man show named “Terri attacks the Piggy Burger.” Powell explained that his staff was to be credited with the creation of the burger. He admitted that with so many competition in the food industry. one has to find something that sets them apart from the rest and we can safely say the Terri-Karelle approved piggy burger is a cut above the rest.


Wildwoods Simmer Down Eatery & Entertainment Complex
Walderston, Manchester, Jamaica (road leading to Mt Olivet/Spalding)