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Restaurant Week Ambassadors

Published:Thursday | September 22, 2016 | 12:00 AM
L'Antoinette Stines
Kaysian Bourke
T'Shura Gibbs
Yaneek Page
Sharon Singh


Can you smell it? The most delicious time of the year-The Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant Week-is drawing near. Today we bring you our second set of ambassadors. Meet the gang of 2016.

L'Antoinette Stines- Founder, artistic director and principal choreographer of L'Acadco

I am a mango. I can be served in many ways and I am full of surprises. That is how I am as a person and as an artist very unpredictable and colourful.

Man shall not live by (sex alone)

Kaysian Bourke Fashion Designer, event and interior decorator

I am a pineapple. My skin is thick, my spikes are my outer layers which keeps me protected, my inside is sweet and sour. I am a tropical girl.

Man shall not live by wine alone but by humanity and love.

T'Shura Gibbs Regional Director, JPS

I am a watermelon; I have a tough exterior that protects the soft interior which is not easily accessible. Once you cut into it, you realise just how sweet and delightful I really am.

Man shall not live by fast food alone.

Tristan Alvarado Businessman.

I see myself as a taco. I'm hard on the outside but pure goodness inside.

Man shall not live by powdered seasoning alone.

Sharon Singh, Chairman and President's Assistant at Rose Hall Development

The vibrant colour of strawberry describes my personality; I am stimulating to be with and I radiate a great deal of energy

Man shall not live by bun, bread or biscuit alone.

Yaneek Page Managing Director; Future Service International

I am dark chocolate. At first glance, it brings a smile to everyone's face but when you consume it you realise it has great depth, intense flavour and a truly rich taste. I'm more savoury, not sweet like regular milk. It's comfort food and this is how I see myself, pleasing with energy, purpose and impact.

Man shall not live by box food alone.