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Pan Chicken a hit

Published:Thursday | September 29, 2016 | 12:00 AMGareth Davis
Nicole Smith, a contestant from St Mary, showing off her spicy jerked chicken.
Jerkman Piggy from Piggy’s Jerk Centre in Port Antonio being over shadowed by smoke from his jerk pan.
Regional winner Winston McLean posing with a CB mascot and his symbolic cheque.
Right: Milton Fisher, a third-time entrant in the competition from Kingston, showing off his jerked chicken.

The Caribbean Broilers (CB) regional Pan 2016 competition, experienced by the people of Port Antonio for the first time, was a huge success.

Held last Saturday at the parish's premier cricket ground of Folly Oval, the event attracted dozens of participants - competing in front of a crowd that was wined and dined for most of the afternoon. The ground was transformed into a sea of colour, and despite the intense heat, the crowd appeared undisturbed.

The many prizes and giveaways was a high point for many who were keen to participate in singing and dancing competitions.

The event, which started at noon, got under way immediately as the mouth-watering aroma of spicy jerked chicken filled the air as the contestants added their secret ingredients.


The numerous children who flocked the family-oriented event were caught up at the kiddies village, enjoying the many rides and activities which included;water slides, Ferris wheel, bounceabout, trampoline, and a mechanical bull.

And as daylight started to fade, tensions were high among the competitors, who all waited anxiously for the judge's decision, which would determine the regional winner and runner-up.

But deciding the winners was by nomeans an easy task, as the preparation, taste, and presentation of the spicy meat was almost too close to call. In the end, Portland's Winston McLean came out on top, with second place going to Trevor Smith. For his effort. McLean received $40,000, while Smith got $20,000.