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Eat Around Jamaica | Crystal Edge tantalises palates

Published:Thursday | October 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Having passed the eye test, it is now time for the taste test.
Crystal Edge gets a thumbs up from Restaurant Week ambassador Tifa.
Assistant manager Shreen Henry speaking with Resturant Week ambassador Tifa.
Waitress Sharon Georges with Tifa's delicious crayfish soup.
Curried goat with shake-bake and fried chicken served with gungo peas and rice.
Head chef Alexander Broomfield dishes his seriously seasoned fried chicken.

"All right, me a go sound greedy now 'cause me want everything."

Among her friends, Latifa 'Tifa' Brown is a known foodie but now the secret is out for all to see as she dined at Crystal Edge in St Andrew.

It was a very extensive menu that the waitress Sharon had to repeat.

Tifa was a bit torn as she was very excited and could not decide what she wanted. After some help from the waitress, she decided to have a serving of curried goat with one serving of shake 'n' bake chicken and a serving of fried chicken with steamed vegetables.

Captivated by the lush green scenery, the Restaurant Week ambassador sat patiently as she waited for her meal.

She was jolted back to reality by Sharon, who brought her some crayfish soup.

She was given a crash seafood course as Sharon explained that crayfish was like shrimp, but much larger. Tifa's eyes glistened as she tasted the soup. She said it was obvious that the soup was well seasoned and professionally prepared, and this made her even more excited for what was to come.

They say you eat with your eyes, and Tifa is one of those persons. "You know when your mother cook curried goat? Is so it look," she exclaimed as her meal arrived.

Even as a foodie, Tifa admitted she did not really know the difference between the shake 'n' bake and the fried chicken, but they were so well done that she quickly identified the fried chicken and praised the chef. The chicken breast was moist and succulent and she described the other contents of her plate as tasty and well seasoned. She hastened to say she was not merely giving a complement, she genuinely meant it. The food was delicious.

The assistant manager boasted that they are regular hosts to persons like Usain Bolt, Shaggy and Tessanne Chin, and they are all in love with Crystal Edge's all-Jamaican menu.

The restaurant's staff has now secured another celeb regular as Tifa has declared she will definitely be visiting on a regular basis.

Crystal Edge

Restaurant & Bar

Irish Town, St Andrew