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EAJ | Hugley Chuck - Barrett's lovely surprise in Lucea

Published:Thursday | October 13, 2016 | 12:00 AM
So good, I can feel it my toes!
Steamed fish served with rice and peas and ground provision.
The succulent cow foot served with rice and peas and dumpling and yam.
Ready for the road. André Lowe and Ian Barrett are off.
André Lowe's face says it all.
Ian Barrett, owner of the Hugley Chuck, proudly shows off his well-prepared dish.
Lowe shows Barrett he is no stranger to the kitchen.
Lowe adds some coconut milk to the fish as it is being cooked.

When it comes to travelling, Special Projects Editor - Sports, Andre Lowe, is no rookie, but sports was not on the agenda for this occasion. His journey took him to the parish of Hanover to Ian Barrett's Hugley Chuck.

Lowe met Barrett at his home and journeyed in the 'Hugley Chuck' to his spot in Lucea, where he operates every day except Tuesdays. "Ready fi the road, Ian?" Lowe asked as he hopped aboard.

"Yes! Let's go!" and the two were off.

Next stop, food time. Well, almost. The fully equipped, self-sufficient truck opened its doors and did not hesitate to get the pots on fire. Lowe being a self-proclaimed chef himself, offered his culinary expertise and Barrett obliged; but not before sharing that his mother is the best cook he knows to date.

Lowe moved around the kitchen effortlessly but could not handle the heat and left for the dining area outside of the truck. Barrett, aware of the appetite he had worked up, came in short order with the first of two dishes, steamed fish and ground produce that certainly hit the spot.

His generous application of natural herbs and seasoning along with vegetables during the preparation process, married with the fresh catch, made for a most satisfying lunch experience.

"That cantaloupe juice! Heavenly. Where was that all my life?!"

But before Lowe could finish all that, Barrett re-emerged from behind the industrial stove inside the Chevrolet with another dish - cow foot.

"More food, Ian?" Lowe asked. A resounding 'yes' followed and "I hope you have room for more." Not a huge fan of the dish, the expression on Lowe's face said it all. He enjoyed every bit of it.

"Well, I don't need to say much, you can see it on my face and the nods confirm it. The perfect food, amazing juice and friendly service all describe, Hugley Chuck."

You don't have to make any reservations here, but the next time you are in Lucea, do yourself a favour and look for the 'Hugley-est Chuck' on the street, order a plate, grab a seat and tell your stomach 'you're welcome'.

Hugley Chuck

Kings Plaza

Mosley Drive

Lucea, Hanover