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Celebrate World Chicken Day

Published:Thursday | October 20, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
The spicy ginger honey chicken at Tamarind Indian Cuisine.
Right: The tikka masala from Tamarind Indian Cuisine.
Krysta's ackee and salt fish stuffed jerk chicken in a scotch bonnet balsamic reduction accompanied by coconut cream potatoes fried green plantains and an avocado purée was as good as it sounds. Here she receives her dish from Andre Crooks while Cordia Williams (left) looks on.
Thai style chicken
Krysta Anderson (left) and Negrita Chin digging into the Thai-style chicken at Jade Gardens.
Chinese roasted chicken.
Jamaica’s unofficial national dish – rice and peas with fried chicken and curried gravy from 218 Gourmet.
Talk about service with a smile. Tamarind India Cuisine chefs Prakash Gatame (right) dishes the spicy honey chicken for Krysta Anderson and Johnathan Cowan while chef Surhender Singh waits his turn with delicious tikka masala.

Chicken, chicken and more chicken! There's nothing more palatably pleasing than mouth-watering, finger-licking chicken. So when I was told that I would be celebrating World Chicken Day the Best Dressed way among a wide range of fine poultry dishes, I was salivating in anticipation of all the day had to offer.

Our first stop on the culinary world tour - Jamaica. Jamaica by far has the best food and the greatest chefs, so I felt right at home at 218 Gourmet on Mountain View Avenue. They provided savoury offerings of their bestsellers - fried chicken and rice and peas with curried gravy - the unofficial national lunch dish, as Chef Andre Sewell pointed out.

Joining me was Best Dressed Chicken representative Cordia Williams. While she was elated to receive her meal, we were both more intrigued by what was in my plate: ackee and salt fish stuffed jerk chicken in a Scotch bonnet balsamic reduction accompanied by coconut cream potatoes, fried green plantains and an avocado puree. Sounds amazing, right? It was! One bite created a surprisingly explosive taste. Williams, who asked for a taste, found herself in 'Boysie' mode, taking a taste, which led to a another, which led to an even bigger bite. But I was happy to share.

The combination of all the main ingredients was really a gastronomic delight. None overpowered the other - they were all an effortless fusion of flavour.




Then we were off to Orchid Village Plaza in Barbican for our next chicken stop - India. Tamarind Indian Cuisine has the tastiest Indian food in town, so I was just bursting at the seams with joy to try their chicken dishes. Joining me this time around was Best Dressed Chicken representative Jonathan Cowan, who is a foodie like myself. We had chicken tikka masala, a dish I am in fact familiar with (told you I was a foodie) and spicy ginger honey chicken, served with garlic nan and white rice. The flavour is always rich and truly authentic, and this time was no different. So by now I was floating on food cloud nine.

Our final stop: Jade Gardens in Sovereign Centre in Liguanea for some Chinese cuisine. Best Dressed Chicken representative Negrita Chin and I tried Chinese roasted chicken and Thai-style chicken, respectively. Pretty soon, we were sharing thoughts on how wonderful the Chinese roasted chicken was - a dish we both know and love. The shocker came in the Thai-style chicken, which is chicken with baby corn, celery, cashew nuts, and water chestnuts, nuts slices and string beans, all culminating in a special savoury yet sweet sauce. Mind 'blowingly' good! Definitely a must-have!

So there you have it! Hope you had fun joining me on this culinary world tour. Now, don't be chicken: check out some of these dishes at these restaurants today! Tell them Krysta Anderson sent you.