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Eat Around Jamaica | Chilling in St Thomas

Published:Thursday | October 27, 2016 | 12:00 AMTickoya Joseph
That’s a mouthful! T’Shura bites into a piece of fried chicken as she definitely enjoys her lunch at Mama G’s Chill Spot in St Thomas.
Now, that looks good! This meal of fried and brown stewed chicken, with curry gravy, of course, with the ever-present rice and peas, will full any stomach.
The highly recommended barbecued wings with fries and ripe plantain from Golden Shore Resort
Like a true yardie, T'Shura grabs a kotch and digs into her lunch at Mama G's.
Life’s a beach! T’Shura chills out at Golden Shore Resort after a hefty lunch.
T'Shura is greeted by Richard Grant of Golden Shore Resort.

Cool waves of fresh air passing over the lush green hills, punctuated by colourful, friendly residents, is the perfect description of Llandewey, St Thomas.

Everyone who meets you on the road greets you with an ear-to-ear grin and a hearty 'Howdy'. This was quite a pleasant experience for T'Shura Gibbs, The Gleaner's Restaurant Week Ambassador, who drove all the way from Montego Bay.

As with most Jamaican directions, it was 'up the hill', 'around the corner' and 'then at the crossroad'. But sure enough, there it was, Mama G's Chill Spot. In a matter of minutes, T'Shura and Dwaine, owner and chef of Mama G's, were chatting like long-time buddies. He told her that the name came about as a tribute to his late mother-in-law who passed a year ago.

Mama G's Chill Spot was that place where lively conversations resounded while persons would grab any suitable seating and have their home-cooked meals, such as rice and peas with stewed pork or fried chicken. There was also curried goat, which had to be cooked with extra gravy as that was the topping for almost all meals.

Blending in like a chameleon, T'Shura ordered her fried and brown stewed chicken and rice and peas, of course with curried gravy. She sat firmly on a concrete block and like a true 'yardie' had her meal. The approval of the meal came early without a word. But persistent nodding and her smile gave it away; she was in love. "Mmmmmm, you can taste the real coconut milk," she said. Dwaine was quite the host as he kept T'Shura entertained while she ate. Quite curious, being her first time in St Thomas, T'Shura wanted to see more of what the parish had to offer, and so her journey led her to Lyssons where she went to Golden Shore Resort.




Golden Shore could be described as a one-stop location as the property has a lovely stretch of white sand beach, a restaurant and a hotel. After her heavy lunch at Mama G's, T'shura found a chill spot and lay on the beach where the sea breeze, along with the sounds of the waves caressing the shore, put her to sleep. After her siesta, she was greeted by Richard Grant, the receptionist, who recommended a light meal of barbecued wings with fries and ripe plantains. T'shura's expression was a bit confusing at first but she later explained that she was amazed at the taste of the wings.

"I don't expect wings to taste like this. I expect this of chicken, but not wings," she explained. At the end of the day, the journey did not seem that long as she was now sure she was coming back to St Thomas to Mama G's and Golden Shore.