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Campari -Some like it bitter some like it sweet

Published:Thursday | November 3, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Winfried Schäfer and Lesline Gilzene enjoying her Munari.
Munari – Campari with Cinzano prosecco and peach snaps and sugared rim.
Campari enthusiast Andrea Gonzalez with her unusual take on Campari, with passion fruit and lemon sorbet.
Campari Grapefruit
Brian Ribby Chung enjoys his Campari with Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum.
Pietro Gramegna, marketing manager, JWN Ltd, Campari Spritz, is all smiles with Tannika White, Campari brand manager.
Stephen McHugh, Digicel accounts manager, enjoys his Campari on the rocks with orange juice on the side.
Careen Williams, owner of Toney’s Hideout Bar, enjoys her Campari with Supligen.
Campari shakerato
Tino Kidd (left) and Jowayne Robinson enjoying their Campari with Ting and Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum.

Ting , soda, tonic water, Red Stripe beer, sorbet, white rum and Supligen. No, this is not the recipe for a new cocktail - it's the variety of 'chasers' people have with their Campari.

Last Thursday, a group of Camapri enthusiasts gathered at the swanky @twentythree on Dominica Drive in New Kingston to share their unique, special ways of enjoying the aperitif.

According to Pietro Gramegna, marketing manager, JWN Ltd, Campari Spritz, Campari's versatility is a major part of its success. Given the attachment drinkers have to their personal blends, it seems pretty clear that he is right.

With drinks of choice in hand prepared by the affable bartender Ramona Rodney, the conversation and mingling got under way with persons sharing with each other their personal special mixes and why they like it that way. There was lots of sampling going on and more than a few new converts. One of the standout concoctions was Andrea Gonzales, who you might think had dessert on her mind when she was developing her drink. You see, Gonzalez has her Campari with passion fruit, lemon sorbet and mint.

Careen Williams, owner of Toney's Hideout Bar, mixes her Campari with Supligen - a hearty combination to be sure. She told Food: "It's a complete meal and I can have it when I'm hungry or anytime."

How do you like your Campari? Try these recipes below and enjoy your Campari responsibly.

Campari Orange

11/4 Campari

Topped with orange juice

Method: Build in highball glass garnish with orange.

Campari Shakerato

2oz Campari

Method: Shaken served in a chill martini glass garnish with cherry.

Campari Grapefruit

11/4oz Campari

Topped with grapefruit soda

Method: Build in rock glass, garnish with orange.

Campari Spritz

11/2oz Campari

3oz Prosecco

Topped with soda water

Method: Build in wine glass garnish with orange wedge.


1oz Campari

1oz Cinzano Sweet Vermoth

splash of soda water

Method: Build in rock glass, garnish with orange.