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Eat around jamaica | Dickie's Portland's best Kept secret

Published:Thursday | November 3, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Avocado salad
Vegetable omlette
Jacket potatoes
Restaurant Week Ambassador Yaneek Page enjoying every morsel of her meal.
Alvin Dickie has been operating his restaurant since 1973.
The view from Dickie's Best Kept Secret.
Operator Alvin Dickie is quite the gentleman as he pulls out the chair for our ambassador
Dickie's best kept secret oozes charm.

A lot of things might come to mind when you hear the name Dickie's Best Kept Secret. But be assured that your palate has never experienced the tantalising buzz of the delicious dishes prepared from this treasure located in Portland.

A quite unassuming structure along the main road is home to one of the quaintest attractions Portland has to offer. Already extremely curious about what her day had to offer, Restaurant Week Ambassador Yaneek Page was beaming as she was greeted by owner Alvin Buttler, who was as polite as pie.

Guided by Alvin, she made her way down the steps of the restaurant. She was totally captivated by the walls that were covered with different carvings and different textured wood. The restaurant definitely had a rustic feel.

Of course, Yaneek immediately nicknamed Alvin Mr Dickie, a name he responded to smiling from ear to ear. He explained that personality is whatever one sent out, and that in a nutshell explained the walls, trinkets and food that was served at Dickie's Best Kept Secret.

Yaneek was treated to the best of the menu - vegetable omelette filled with cabbage, carrots and callaloo; avocado salad, stuffed tomato with fresh mixed seafood, jacket potatoes, fresh watermelon and cowboy pineapple for dessert. It was certainly a five-course meal like no other that was quickly gobbled up.

After eating more than she would in a normal day, Yaneek took a stroll with Mr Dickie, who told her that he has been in operation since 1973. He beamed with pride as he spoke about providing the greatest service to whoever visited. So next time you are in Portland you should visit. Tell him we sent you.



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