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Published:Friday | November 11, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Regina McCalllum
Andrew Bellamy and his wife, Corrinne.
Krystal Tomlinson
Dr Sara Lawrence
Miss Kitty


As the most delicious time of year begins today, The Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant Week ambassadors of yesteryear weigh in on their most memorable experiences.

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Regina McCallum: As a self-proclaimed foodie, I'm always looking forward to Restaurant Week and the opportunity to dine with family and friends at the best restaurants in Jamaica!

My goal is always to try at least one new dish or restaurant. Last year, Morning Bites was the new category introduced, so I took my family to Fromage Gourmet Market and Bistro to try their infamous crab omelette (yum!) and breakfast flats (delish!).

Tasty is an understatement. Truly gourmet in flavour and presentation, topped off with excellent service, this pleasant and charming restaurant was my favourite experience from last year.

Aside from Fromage, my other top five restaurants in Kingston are Nirvana, Redbones, Majestic Sushi & Grill, Chilitos JaMexican Restaurant, and Dragon Court.

And my try-something-new restaurant is Kushites Vegetable Cuisine. I heard that the jerked breadfruit is just heavenly. Happy dining! :)

Andrew Bellamy: My most memorable experience from Restaurant Week is actually Fromage. I enjoyed an exquisite breakfast and dinner in the company of my wife, Corrinne, while being entertained by The Gleaner's Lifestyle reporter Krysta Anderson.

My top five restaurants are East Japanese, Fromage, Tracks & Records, Tamarind Indian Cuisine, and Regency Bar & Grill (at Terra Nova All Suite Hotel).

Krystal Tomlinson: Dining with the Russian ambassador was my favourite RW experience. Of course, being in the presence of the ambassador, the conversations - political and social - the culinary and cultural insight that I got through the food and the liquor.

For the first time, I got the chance to taste Russian Vodka, and the ambassador popped out the real top-shelf 'hot Russian ting'. It was called Russian Standard vodka. Apparently, [it's] one of the elite vodkas in Russia and I think worldwide.

I enjoyed the conversations, how relaxed it was, and just the air of newness and unfamiliarity that was not just surrounding the food and the drink, but also the people, the culture, and the language.

Dr Sara Lawrence: Outside of being an RW ambassador, RW is something that I have celebrated every year for approximately nine years.

It is just my luck that my birthday falls around the same time as Restaurant Week, and I happen to be a bona fide foodie, so let's just say that Restaurant Week is the perfect time of year for me!

I use the opportunity to catch up with friends and family over great food and wine. Whether it's a promotion, birthday, passing an exam, or getting/giving sound advice, we look forward to seeing each other and sharing the happenings of life!

My favourite memory was celebrating my birthday at Nirvana. I recall that the food and service were amazing. They went as far as changing the background music to make my day even that more special. Thanks again, Nirvana!

I would definitely recommend The Market Place to anyone. It is probably my one-stop shop for a diverse culinary experience. I particularly like Saffron, China Express, and Caffe da Vinci.

Miss Kitty: As an RW ambassador, I had the privilege of dining at Caffe da Vinci. The staff went above and beyond to ensure I had a fantastic experience.

So, needless to say, the service was great, the food was wonderful, the ambience perfect, and the staff amazing.

My top five places are Fromage, A-Bar, Nirvanna, M-10, and China Express.