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Pizzaland - Land of Real Italian Food

Published:Tuesday | November 22, 2016 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall
Giorgio Galbiati and Lenni Valsoani (right) preps the garlic bread.
Have heaven in a bite with this chicken Alfredo pasta.
If you're a pineapple lover, this pizza is just from you.
Fulfill your traditional pepperoni desires.
Add a little playfulness to your pizza with pepperoni, mushroom, parsley and pineapple from Pizzaland.
Galbiati is calm and collective as he carefully handles his art.
This authentic garlic bread with marinara sauce will create fireworks in your mouth.
Galbiati is about to add the heat to turn this pizza into a golden masterpiece.
Galbiati works in unison with his wife, Lenni Valsoani (left) as they work their magic behind the curtains of Pizzaland.
Valsoani adds the finishing touches to this mouthwatering pizza.

The aroma of fresh spices hits you upon entry as it beckons to your taste buds and by the time you take a bite, the flavour of melted cheese, tomato sauce and taste of Italy carries you to paradise but you are actually in Pizzaland.

Since moving to Jamaica in 2001, Italian couple, Giorgio Galbiati and Lenni Valsoani toured Jamaica in search of new adventures, looking to see where they could make their mark on the Jamaican society. From their experience and love for their birth place, they created ‘Pizzaland’ on October 14.

Pizzaland provides a home for the Italian lovers who are looking to indulge in authentic Italian food. Though there were many trials and failures, Galbiati and Valsoani have finally found their  place.

With the hardship of importing products from their country, Galbiati had to merge his pizza-making knowledge and experience with that of his wife, Valsoani’s Italian chef experience to produce high-quality, Italian food. 

“Testing out the Jamaican products was the hardest as Jamaica’s ingredients taste nothing like what we are use to. We have to mix more than one flour to get the authentic pizza dough and Lenni has to make her sauces and ingredients from scratch,” the pizza genius expressed.

After only a month of business, Galbiati is hopeful that Jamaicans will learn to appreciate the real Italian culture and fall in love with their authentic flavours. 

“Our ingredients are expensive but we found a balance between prices and quality. Because we want to take the Jamaicans style into consideration, we have three crust options for our pizza. You can have soft, medium or crispy crust,” he explained.

Along with the pastas, sandwiches, garlic, Italian and rosemary breads, customers can customise their pizzas to their liking. Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

In the future, Galbiati hopes to try other pizza styles, specifically for vegans. His love for Italian food drives him to persevere and to have faith in his art.

To try out their amazing foods, visit them at:

134 Old Hope Road
Liguanea Plaza
Kingston 6
Tel: (876) 613-7520 or (876) 435-0141