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A Delectable Revamp - OPA!

Published:Thursday | December 8, 2016 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
This caramelised onions, bacon and feta cheese pizza will have your heart skipping a beat, because you can’t help falling in love with it.
Who said you cannot have pizza for breakfast? Well, Opa! has a breakfast pizza made specially for you.
Owner of Opa! Alexx Antaeus displaying the toe-curling poseidon shrimp pasta – penne pasta, minty cream sauce and toasted pistachios.
Have the lamb burger the Greek way-wrapped in a filo dough.
When you sink your teeth into this delectable lamb burger, you will feel a tingle in your toes.
This Portland spicy pork stew is for pork lovers everywhere.
The ‘Greekwiches’ are back! These panini-like sandwiches are a tasty treat.
Sink your teeth in this ackee burger.

For three years, diners have been indulging in the offerings at the exquisite Opa! Greek Restaurant, and now the eatery is adding more options for its customers to enjoy.

Opa! has developed an entirely new menu, but don't worry, the favourites are still available.

Capitalising on the success of their lamb burger filo pie, Opa! has added a few burger options, such as the chicken burger, the pork loin burger and one that many Jamaicans might not be able to resist the ackee burger. These are available in the filo dough or traditional burger bun.

For pizza lovers, the Greek kotopoulo (chicken) and garida (shrimp) pizzas will be joined by the breakfast pizza, and the caramelised onions with bacon and feta cheese pizza. For pasta lovers, Opa! will be adding a new sauce option- peppery cream sauce. The pasta options now available are the penne, Greek egg noodles and orzo.

Opa! will be also adding a bit more of Jamaica to the menu with its Portland spicy pork stew, and royal steamed fish.

The restaurant is reintroducing some first loves, with its Greekwiches panini-style sandwiches made with Opa!' s own pita bread choice of chicken fillet, gyros, grilled fish and chickpea veggie.

For those with a sweet tooth, the desserts include Rakiya's carrot cake with walnuts and a cream cheese icing, created by Rakiya Worrell, a recent graduate of the University of Technology.

According to owner Alexx Antaeus, the menu itself also has a new look to make it easier to navigate. In addition to the traditional four sections -appetisers, salads, main course and desserts he has added pizzas, burgers, 'Greekwiches', salads, Greek dishes, Jamaican dishes and more.

Opa! has several things planned to celebrate its third-year anniversary and what better way than to incorporate a new taste of Opa!

Great thought was placed into each dish, and an effort was made to include more of the Jamaican influence.

"It is only natural that through our cuisine we honour the land where Opa! stands and the people who support us. It also helps when we have a large party and one or two people are not in the mood for Greek - they now have a choice." added Antaeus.

Guests have already found new favourites among the new additions the Portland spicy pork and the caramelised onion, bacon and feta cheese pizza have been declared instant winners. And that's not to mention the fast-moving new carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

After three years there is only more in store at Opa!