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Honey Bun's Christmas Goodness

Published:Tuesday | December 6, 2016 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall
Honey Bun's marketing assistant, Chad Graham-Haynes, bites into their yummy Christmas cake.
Head of Marketing at Honey Bun Janelle Brown speaks proudly of their Christmas cake.
Satisfy your taste buds and enjoy the season with Honey Bun's Christmas cake.
Honey Bun’s Christmas cake is pure Jamaican goodness

Honey Bun lives up to it's name, hitting our darling spot as sweet as honey this Christmas season with their delectable Christmas cake.

One of the best things about Jamaica's Christmas experience is the wholesome, tasty and scrumptious Christmas fruitcake and with Honey Bun's newest innovation, Christmas is about to get a lot better.

The one-pound cake that promises authenticity and the real home-made taste was created in hopes of highlighting the Jamaican culture, as the Christmas cake holds a strong tradition.

According to the marketing executive at Honey Bun, Janelle Brown, Christmas cake is integral in how Jamaicans feel about Christmas, and as such they took great pleasure in packaging the Jamaican guilty pleasure.

"The cake is moist and so good. It's just good," she gushed.




She shared that not only is the cake tasty, but the packaging is festive and can be given as a gift. Also, the box includes 10 of the most popular Jamaican Christmas songs that will help in the awareness of Jamaica's Christmas culture.

She explained, "We want to show people that not only do we make cakes, but we want to fulfil the whole Jamaican Christmas experience."

This Christmas goodness is now available in stores and you might just be lucky enough to see them and get a taste.

The Honey Bun team dropped by the Gleaner offices on Monday and we put the cake to the test. Here is what our staff had to say.

- "It smelt good and though I wish it was more moist, it tasted and looked good."

- "I thought it wanted a little more rum for my liking, but it had the right amount of sweetness and I liked the texture."

- "It was spongy yet slightly dry, but had a good after taste."

- "It was not like my mother's I have to admit, but it was not a bad cake. It did not have the awful bitter taste of mix peel that a lot of store-bought cakes do. The fruits are blended and it is smooth, a bit doughy, but smooth."

- "It was a bit dry but had a good vibe, and the packaging was nice."

- "It was good. It had a nice packaging and is convenient. If I wasn't baking for the Christmas, I would buy it."

- "It was a bit dry and needed a little more rum for my liking."

- "It wasn't dry and I liked it. It would be perfect for someone who doesn't like rum."

- "It was palatable but could have been a bit more moist."

- "It was all right. It was different from the regular everyday cake. It was light and I could have a piece more right now."