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Gastronomic Six

Published:Thursday | January 12, 2017 | 12:13 AM
Chef Ronny Emborg (left) and Duran Elworthy at work.
Crab with potato and yoghurt whey.
White chocolate with sorrel, soy meringue and orange.
Pigeon with Pepper Puree, Black Currant Fruit Leather and Callaloo.
Grilled onion with limes burnt onion juice and aged cabot cheddar.
Beef with broccoli, smoked butter and beef juice.
Scallops and beets horseradish and dill.
Chris and Maria Gordon out to enjoy the gastronomic feast at Iberostar's Chef on Tour.
The perfectly coordinated couple of Dion and Deslyn Marks.
Certified foodies Everald Streete and his wife Celia Ferran.


Palates were bowled over and many boundaries surpassed as Denmark-born New York City based executive chef Ronny Emborg took food lovers on an unforgettable journey last Saturday night.


Cheese waffle with fermented mushroom cream and black truffle, stimulated the gustatory cells, prepping the senses for the tour. Chef Emborg's quail eggs served with cauliflower and parsley, melted in the mouth. By then guests of the Iberostar Grand 'Chef on Tour' journey, seated around imposing tables on stately chairs at the Cornwall Restaurant, for the six-course wine-pairing meal, already had a measuring tape.

The two star Michelin chef, who has served the likes of Queen Margaret II, cleansed the palates present with scallops and beets, horseradish and dill, opening the appetite for crab, served with purÈed potato and yoghurt whey.

"Refreshing, a good way to start the meal," was how Iberostar's managing director, Philipp Hofer described the scallops and beet. Paired with a sparkling Spanish wine, the extremely dominant beet, actually needed a wine with oxygen.

It was the second wine - Robert Mondavi Fume blanc grown in the belly of the Napa Valley in California, that did the trick with the crab. The whey lifted the flavour and the wine did the rest.

An amazing grilled onion, burnt to perfection, sprinkled with aged Cabot cheddar, created magic, and had diners in disbelief that an onion could taste so good. The dominant taste that the onion is known for was not evident.

Emerald Streete, husband of Celia Ferran, general manager of Iberostar Beach, was Food's pairing partner, and he was in awe when chef Emborg's pigeon with pepper puree, black currant, fruit leather and callaloo landed on the table.

"This is no regular pigeon," Streete exclaimed, adding that the black currant fruit leather and callaloo made the difference.

Paired with the French wine Gevrey Chambertini Pinot Noir, this wine proved it was French just by its strength. This red wine was much stronger than the Spanish, and Californian wines introduced to the taste buds earlier.

As if an onion of distinction and a pigeon of no mean order were not enough, then came beef with broccoli, smoked butter and beef juice that titillated the appetite and declared itself the winner of the evening. "Par excellence, I love the temperature of the meat, this meal was fantastic," exclaimed Hofer.

The white chocolate with sorrel, soy meringue and tangerine for dessert, was like a burst of sunshine in the mouth.

Chef Emborg could do no wrong. Dinner with a group of foodies that included at the table; Daniel Llinas and his wife Cinthia, Philipp Hofer, Celia Ferran, her husband, Everald Streete and Juan Lu Que made the journey even more enjoyable.